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Sorrel APHA Paint Gelding

Horse ID: 2046504


HorseID: 2046504 Just Over The Limit - PhotoID:  -   Days Left:

HorseID: 2046504 Just Over The Limit - PhotoID: 813615 -  2017-05-28 Days Left: 96
Photo expires 2017-05-28 - 96 Days Remaining

HorseID: 2046504 Just Over The Limit - PhotoID: 823720 -  2017-05-28 Days Left: 96
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HorseID: 2046504 Just Over The Limit - PhotoID: 823721 -  2017-05-28 Days Left: 96
Photo expires 2017-05-28 - 96 Days Remaining

2007 All Around Gelding For Sale
Location: Marshall Minnesota 56258

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Secondary Breed:
APHA Paint Breed Association
Pinto Breed Association

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Date Foaled: 2007 Gender: Gelding
Height: 15.2 hh Weight: 1,250 pounds
Color: Sorrel Other Color
or Markings:
Bald face, three socks 
Gaited:No  Warmblood:No 
1=Very Calm...
10=Very High-Spirited
2 May Trade:
Registered? Yes Reg. Assn: APHA 
Reg. Number: 911857 For Lease: No
For Sale:  Yes Asking Price: $29,500 (US) OBO
Horse Skills,
Notes:Radar is an all around gelding owned, trained and shown by an amateur. He has earned close to 500 paint points in 6 events and over 1,500 pinto points in 11 events. We started showing in Pinto in 2015! He earned an Open and Amateur Champion title in paint, and an Amateur Champion title in pinto. He is enrolled into the Breeders Trust Program through APHA. We just got back from Color Breed Congress in November of 2016, where we picked up a class win and multiple top five and top ten placings. This horse would be suitable for an Amateur or Youth. He is easy to maintain. At the shows, I pull him out of his stall just before the classes - no riding required during warmup. Excellent pattern horse and he knows what hes supposed to do. He stands for farrier, baths, clipping, etc. You do need a twitch for his ears. At home, he is turned outside 24/7 with a shelter. He is content in a stall. There are many videos under YouTube under his registered name.
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