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Honest Abe (Abe)
Sagaponeck, New York
     2003 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding $7,500
     TB Hunter, Dressage Prospect
     Horse ID: 1965732 - Photo Added/Renewed: 29-Jan-2015 01:08:04 AM
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Maribels Graygirl (Skye)
Lenoir City, Tennessee
     2004 Grey Thoroughbred Mare $2,000
     Beautiful grey TB mare
     Horse ID: 1973005 - Photo Added/Renewed: 01-Jan-2015 10:02:46 AM
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She's A Red (Cherry)
Snohomish, Washington
     2007 Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare $2,000
     Cherry 2007 OTTB Prospect Mare
     Horse ID: 1971518 - Photo Added/Renewed: 16-Dec-2014 10:46:49 PM
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Spot (Spot)
Copake, New York
     2001 Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding $8,000
     Cute, friendly, handsome gelding for sale/lease
     Horse ID: 1969580 - Photo Added/Renewed: 28-Nov-2014 05:30:03 PM
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San Diego, California
     2005 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding $2,000
     Pleasure/Trail Horse
     Horse ID: 1938751 - Photo Added/Renewed: 23-Nov-2014 07:07:31 PM
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Without A Doubt (Minardi)
Mankato, Minnesota
     2003 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding $15,000
     Athletic, Friendly, Ready to Show
     Horse ID: 1968107 - Photo Added/Renewed: 16-Nov-2014 07:02:32 PM
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Liberty Hill, Texas
     2002 Black Bay Thoroughbred Gelding FREE_HORSE
     PRICE REDUCED 16.2hh Thoroughbred gelding for sale
     Horse ID: 1942720 - Photo Added/Renewed: 10-Nov-2014 06:53:43 PM - Renewed: 25-Jan-2015 12:00:00 AM
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KM Mister Bogart (Mr B)
Atascadero, California
     1996 Bay Arabian Stallion
     16 Hand Arabian Race Track Winner Stallion
     Horse ID: 1931433 - Photo Added/Renewed: 30-Oct-2014 02:46:01 AM
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Chase (Mossad) (Chase)
Granite bay, California
     2005 Black Bay Thoroughbred Gelding $5,500
     Amazing, gentle thoroughbred beauty!
     Horse ID: 1965726 - Photo Added/Renewed: 30-Oct-2014 02:44:22 AM - Renewed: 14-Jan-2015 12:00:00 AM
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Nashville, Michigan
     2002 Black APHA Paint Stallion
     Black tobiano stallion
     Horse ID: 1963988 - Photo Added/Renewed: 22-Oct-2014 11:25:18 PM
At Stud
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Strong City (General)
Austin, Arkansas
     2004 Grey Thoroughbred Gelding $7,000
     Talented Gelding for sale
     Horse ID: 1936822 - Photo Added/Renewed: 17-Oct-2014 12:22:19 AM - Renewed: 01-Jan-2015 12:00:00 AM
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Bull Whiskey (Bully)
McKenna, Washington
     2010 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding $4,800
     5 YO Thoroughbred Gelding
     Horse ID: 1976014 - Added: 26-Jan-2015 11:37:13 AM
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Hail Lively One. (Benz)
Ames, Iowa
     1996 Black Bay Thoroughbred Gelding
     OTTB for on-site half-lease
     Horse ID: 1975887 - Added: 25-Jan-2015 10:31:13 AM
For Lease
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Please Ring Me (Teddy)
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
     2003 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding $1,800
     12 yr TB
     Horse ID: 1975863 - Added: 24-Jan-2015 07:21:14 PM
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Cud Be Ruby Robin (Ruby)
Ridgeville, Indiana
     2009 Bay Thoroughbred Mare $1,200
     Sweet Tb mare to race, show, trail ride
     Horse ID: 1975734 - Added: 23-Jan-2015 03:21:00 PM
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Even in April (Maizy)
Kalamazoo, Michigan
     2009 Bay Thoroughbred Mare $1,750
     Young Project Horse! Too Cute to Resist!
     Horse ID: 1975421 - Added: 21-Jan-2015 09:22:26 AM
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Polly's Dancer
North Las Vegas, Nevada
     2008 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding FREE_HORSE
     OTTB gelding looking for forever home
     Horse ID: 1973972 - Added: 08-Jan-2015 12:31:47 PM
For Sale
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Ace of Spades (Ace)
New Ringold, Pennsylvania
     2000 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding $3,500
     TB Gelding for Sale
     Horse ID: 1973632 - Added: 05-Jan-2015 02:26:42 PM
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May Trade
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Granby, Missouri
     1999 Bay AQHA Quarter Horse Mare In Foal PRIVATE_TREATY
     Horse ID: 1973541 - Added: 04-Jan-2015 08:45:13 PM
For Sale
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Dynanna (Anna)
Savannah, Georgia
     2006 Bay Thoroughbred Mare $10,000
     Gorgeous OTTB Hunter Prospect
     Horse ID: 1973446 - Added: 04-Jan-2015 11:27:38 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Wanted mares
, California
     1987 Bay AQHA Quarter Horse Mare
     Wanted racebred mares..
     Horse ID: 1973162 - Added: 01-Jan-2015 09:53:04 PM
No Photo
Mira Loma, California
     2009 Bay Thoroughbred Mare $700
     Sweet Thoroughbred Mare for sale
     Horse ID: 1972134 - Added: 20-Dec-2014 02:39:47 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Parkton, Maryland
     2010 Bay Thoroughbred Filly
     4 year filly
     Horse ID: 1971842 - Added: 17-Dec-2014 12:25:41 PM
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Scottys Girl
Templeton, California
     2003 Bay Thoroughbred Mare $1,500
     Fantastic Broodmare For Sale
     Horse ID: 1971784 - Added: 16-Dec-2014 10:30:37 PM
For Sale
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Sankyrah (kyra)
Ellensburg, Washington
     1987 Bay Arabian Mare PRIVATE_TREATY
     Polish Arabian, Davenport, Desert bred Mare
     Horse ID: 1971251 - Added: 11-Dec-2014 09:27:43 PM
For Sale
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ahorsecalleddan (Danny)
Wanamaker, Indiana
     2008 Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding $1,500
     Super sweet OTTB gelding for sale
     Horse ID: 1970530 - Added: 06-Dec-2014 07:31:53 AM
For Sale
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Lakota Bell
New Salem, North Dakota
     2009 Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare $3,000
     Well Bred, Athletic mare
     Horse ID: 1969885 - Added: 30-Nov-2014 05:12:55 PM
For Sale
No Photo
McKinney, Texas
     2010 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding $1
     Wanted: Thoroughbred 3-6yrs. green, off track ok
     Horse ID: 1969789 - Added: 30-Nov-2014 06:36:30 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Mad About Sue (Amber)
Sand Springs, Oklahoma
     2008 Bay Thoroughbred Mare $2,500
     2008 OTTB Mare
     Horse ID: 1968998 - Added: 21-Nov-2014 05:20:08 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Dr. Riggs
Union, Kentucky
     2011 Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding $3,000
     2011 16hh chestnut thoroughbred gelding
     Horse ID: 1968268 - Added: 16-Nov-2014 09:08:25 AM
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