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Gentle Loving Zebra (Itchy)
Nuevo, California
     2014 Black Zebra Colt $7,500
     Gentle Loving Zebra foal
     Horse ID: 1971739 - Photo Added/Renewed: 17-Dec-2014 11:38:42 AM
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Portland, Oregon
     2011 Buckskin Shetland Pony Gelding $400
     SUPER sweet, affectionate, energetic Shetland Pony!
     Horse ID: 1982934 - Photo Added/Renewed: 25-Mar-2015 01:21:39 PM
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Bongo (Bongo)
Wilsonvlllr, Oregon
     2009 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding $500
     OTTB for light riding companion
     Horse ID: 1982660 - Photo Added/Renewed: 23-Mar-2015 02:50:40 PM
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May Trade
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Mac Deluxe Too (Wally)
Gardner, Kansas
     2001 Sorrel AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding FREE_HORSE
     Great Companion Horse for Adoption
     Horse ID: 1982155 - Photo Added/Renewed: 20-Mar-2015 10:29:45 AM
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KM Something Special (George)
Fairhope, Alabama
     2009 Sorrel AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $5,000
     2009 walk/jog Trail Riding Companion Horse Quiet Gelding by
     Horse ID: 1979533 - Photo Added/Renewed: 26-Feb-2015 04:52:40 PM
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unnamed (Love)
Hempstead, Texas
     2014 Chestnut AQHA Quarter Horse Filly $5,000
     Beautiful Mare Champion Pedigree
     Horse ID: 1978615 - Photo Added/Renewed: 18-Feb-2015 09:26:07 AM
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Risky Business IX (Irish)
Hollis, New Hampshire
     1996 Chestnut Irish Sport Horse Gelding FREE_HORSE
     Lovable Irish Sport Horse Free to a good home
     Horse ID: 1975378 - Photo Added/Renewed: 23-Jan-2015 09:21:35 PM
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Dripping Springs, Texas
     1998 White Spotted Saddle Horse Mare $2,000
     Sweet trail/companion mare
     Horse ID: 1975062 - Photo Added/Renewed: 19-Jan-2015 11:53:19 AM
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Annie (Annie)
Ramona, California
     1991 Bay APHA Paint Mare $1
     20 something Paint mare needing a forever home
     Horse ID: 1973942 - Photo Added/Renewed: 10-Jan-2015 02:10:02 PM
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Skipaway Playboy (Peanut Butter)
Jamul, California
     1992 Palomino AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $5,000
     Horse ID: 1974050 - Photo Added/Renewed: 09-Jan-2015 01:03:11 PM
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For Lease
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Capercaille (Caille)
Monticello, Minnesota
     1997 Grey Warmblood Cross Mare $1
     Warmblood Cross Broodmare
     Horse ID: 1903381 - Photo Added/Renewed: 24-Dec-2014 02:17:02 PM - Renewed: 10-Mar-2015 12:00:00 AM
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Photo is Expiring
Acton, California
     1998 Bay Zorse Gelding $1,800
     Adorable Zebra-Pony Cross - Zorse, Zony - Loves Kids!
     Horse ID: 1964569 - Photo Added/Renewed: 16-Dec-2014 10:48:39 PM - Renewed: 02-Mar-2015 12:00:00 AM
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Charming Devil (Charm)
Chesapeake, Virginia
     1999 Black Thoroughbred Mare $1
     Horse ID: 1953177 - Photo Added/Renewed: 11-Dec-2014 02:46:47 PM - Renewed: 25-Feb-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
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Photo is Expiring
Moon Pie
Louisa, Virginia
     1992 Brown Draft Horse Cross Mare $1
      Warmblood Broomare or Companion Animal
     Horse ID: 1043194 - Photo Added/Renewed: 02-Sep-2007 11:35:01 AM - Renewed: 02-Jan-2008 02:31:29 PM

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Nigel (Nigel)
Exeter, New Hampshire
     2006 Bay Oldenburg Gelding FOR_ADOPTION
     9 Year Old Oldenburg/Paint
     Horse ID: 1982289 - Added: 19-Mar-2015 11:21:20 AM
For Sale
For Lease
No Photo
Lucky Charm
Holliston, Massachusetts
     1991 Sorrel Welsh Pony Mare FREE_HORSE
     FREE companion pony
     Horse ID: 1981869 - Added: 16-Mar-2015 08:22:29 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Wanted Small Pony for Companion Only AnyGender
Yucaipa, California
     1995 Other Pony Gelding
     WANTED-Small Pony forTemporary Feed Lease
     Horse ID: 1981563 - Added: 12-Mar-2015 09:26:23 PM
For Lease
No Photo
Oberlin, Ohio
     2013 Black Shetland Pony Colt $200
     2 yr old B/W Aspc/Amhr colt
     Horse ID: 1981534 - Added: 12-Mar-2015 03:41:29 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Bada Bing Bada Boom (Boom)
Lexington, Kentucky
     1995 Bay Arabian Mare FREE_HORSE
     Free mare
     Horse ID: 1980718 - Added: 05-Mar-2015 07:36:50 PM
For Sale
For Lease
May Trade
No Photo
Prince Albert (Burt)
Orrick, Missouri
     2002 Sorrel Standardbred Gelding $300
     Companion Horse ONLY!!
     Horse ID: 1980678 - Added: 05-Mar-2015 03:31:21 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Plenty of Party (Teddy)
findlay, Ohio
     2009 Sorrel AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $5,000
     SUPER sweet, gorgeous moving gelding
     Horse ID: 1980642 - Added: 05-Mar-2015 10:49:11 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Valrico, Florida
     2000 Bay Thoroughbred Mare
     Free to a good home
     Horse ID: 1980495 - Added: 04-Mar-2015 01:02:30 PM
No Photo
King Leo San Ruby (Ruby)
Simi Valley, California
     2000 Bay AQHA Quarter Horse Mare FREE_HORSE
     Quarter Horse Companion Horse
     Horse ID: 1979980 - Added: 27-Feb-2015 03:34:58 PM
For Sale
No Photo
East Windsor, Connecticut
     1992 Grey Thoroughbred Gelding FREE_HORSE
     Companion Horse for Sale
     Horse ID: 1979858 - Added: 26-Feb-2015 12:50:47 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Eyore (Eyore)
Simi Valley, California
     1993 Grey Thoroughbred Gelding FREE_HORSE
     Beautiful tb gelding free to approved home
     Horse ID: 1979696 - Added: 24-Feb-2015 10:32:12 PM
For Sale
No Photo
quakertown, Pennsylvania
     2011 Bay Thoroughbred Cross Gelding FOR_ADOPTION
     Great Companion! In Your Pocket Sweet!
     Horse ID: 1979531 - Added: 23-Feb-2015 08:21:04 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Domino (Dom)
west grove, Pennsylvania
     1991 Bay Appaloosa Mare $450
     24 year old mare looking for a new home
     Horse ID: 1978597 - Added: 16-Feb-2015 08:30:56 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Wonderful companion mare (LATIGOS BLUE TEXAS ROSE)
Bend, Oregon
     1986 Chestnut APHA Paint Mare FOR_ADOPTION
     Wonderful companion mare
     Horse ID: 1977833 - Added: 09-Feb-2015 09:38:06 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Mujer Bar Jay (Prince)
Medical Lake, Washington
     2003 Dun with Black Points AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $400
     Gorgeous gelding with perfect manners
     Horse ID: 1977483 - Added: 07-Feb-2015 06:11:24 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Valencia, California
     1998 Bay Mustang Gelding FREE_HORSE
     Wonderful large pony free to good home
     Horse ID: 1977439 - Added: 06-Feb-2015 01:18:07 PM
For Sale
No Photo


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