Tinkerbelle (Tink)
White Miniature Horse Mare
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HorseID: 2157638 Tinkerbelle - PhotoID: 910912

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Kid Friendly Pony, Therapy, Pony Parties, Photography
Date Foaled
34 Inches
300 pounds
Other Color or Markings
White palomino pinto 
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
May Trade
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$3,500 (US) FIRM
Tinkerbelle is a wonderful unicorn. She’s six years old (born April 30, 2013), dam is a registered mini horse and sire is a registered Shetland, 34.5” tall (8.25 hh), has never foundered or had health issues, and has always been barefoot with no problems.

**Serious inquiries only, please! Please read the entire ad and view the videos and photos in the links below, then contact me for the info you’re looking for.**

Full ad: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JvVBQPagrUlCa0fnIJTeVmebIanUteviHAbt1da7IYM

Hundreds of photos and videos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ymY1HJqyW5s3oarw8

Tink is ridden by children (independently and on lead line at walk, trot, canter), always bitless in just a halter and lead, on streets with traffic, around bicycles, barking dogs, excitable horses we pass, over pasture, through water, over bridges, in groups with other horses, alone, in snow, rain, sunshine, loads into a trailer and travels fine, and is unflappable. Check out the videos of the kids doing bomb proofing training with balls, hula hoops, tarps, swings, etc and see how balls get bounced off of her and ropes flung and swung next to her and Tink doesn’t react, except to sometimes lift her head to look at it. We don’t have a cart, but she pulled the kids on sleds and hauled the hay and water on sleds in winter with a home rigged harness our son made. We think she could easily be trained to drive a cart.

Tinkerbelle adores attention and cuddles. If you sit somewhere near where she’s grazing, she’ll seek out her person(s) for love. Tink loves to be brushed, and she’s always been my favorite because she seeks me out to nuzzle and cuddle me and graze the grass literally right next to me (her nuzzle touches my skin as she grazes the grass all up and down the sides of my outstretched legs).

Children FLOCK to Tinkerbelle during finger painting parties...She’s like a blank canvas. Tinkerbelle held completely still with no restraint while the kids finger painted her; she actually loved it and it seemed like she felt that she was getting a massage. She fell asleep while they were painting her.

Tinkerbelle is perfect on lead line and has given rides to not only our numerous children but guests and even strangers who stop their cars while we take rides down the road and we give a spontaneous little joy ride to their kid. Tink literally stops traffic!

Tink has been a BLAST for our bigger little kids because she’s fast and is willing to go, go, go. She also plods along at a slow walk.

Tink is also a blast for ground work and obstacle courses. She’d be a good candidate for liberty competitions. Tink navigates and jumps logs, hay bales, balls, cones, etc (during ground work, as our kids aren’t confident enough to try jumping while riding).

290 - 300 lbs is her ideal weight, so she can carry up to 58 - 60 lbs, including rider and tack.

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