Black Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding
Horse ID: 2164088
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Horse ID: 2164088 C'EM TW'S LORDE'S GAIT

HorseID: 2164088 C'EM TW'S LORDE'S GAIT - PhotoID: 916470

HorseID: 2164088 C'EM TW'S LORDE'S GAIT - PhotoID: 916471

HorseID: 2164088 C'EM TW'S LORDE'S GAIT - PhotoID: 916472

HorseID: 2164088 C'EM TW'S LORDE'S GAIT - PhotoID: 916473

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Gorgeous, Double Registered, Smooth Gaited, Trail Gelding
Date Foaled
14.3 hh
900 pounds
Other Color or Markings
Black and White Paint 
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
May Trade
Reg. Assn
twhbea, ssha
Reg. Number
For Lease
For Sale
Asking Price
$12,000 (US)
Horse Skills, Disciplines, Attributes
Sport is an awesome double registered Tennessee Walking Horse/Spotted Saddle Horse. He is gorgeous and flashy with an unbelievable temperament. He is very willing to try anything.

He is 14.3 and will probably mature to 15 to 15.1 hands, so he will get a little taller and wider then you see now. He is friendly, brave, willing and able. He was bred well and it shows. He has a calm temperament, a natural smooth gait and lovely canter.

Although young, he has been exposed to a lot of different stimulus and is Pebble Beach Certified. He has seen fire, turkeys, deer, cows, mini horse, bob cats, coyotes, lots of dogs, bikes, hikers, people throwing frisbee, baby carriages, bee boxes, motor bikes, cars, traffic, fire trucks, golf courses, tarps, yelling kids, construction, tractors, large trucks, even boats in the lake.

He will stand and take breaks on the trail or eat grass if you let him. He is easy to get on and off on the trail but he also parks out if needed to get on. He trailers well in my little 2 horse trailer, alone or with another horse. Just watch his videos.

He ties, cross ties, stands well for grooming and tacking up. He stands well for mounting, I even taught him to sidle up to the mounting block or a fence, bench or a log to get on.

He has all the basic dressage training. He will move his shoulders, haunches, side pass, back up, leg yields, circles, serpentines, shoulder in, turn on the forehand and haunches. He gaits well in the arena and the trail He has a lovely flat walk, running walk, starting to rack and canter. In time he will be have a beautiful rack but I have held off since his is young, but you can see the talent in the video where he is loose.

You can ride him with just a light contact and he will hold his gait, so you can ride him on a looser rein than some gaited horses, you just tell him what speed. He is surefooted up and down hills. He will go through puddles, creeks and large bodies of water. He has been ridden in the mud, and rain. He doesn't mind the weather if you don't. He has been to the beach and the mountains.

He rides great alone and in groups of horses well, he loves to go out with my dog. In groups he will lead, middle or go last you can see this in his video at Pebble Beach. I have trailered him out many times and I also ride him from our barn to the trails weekly. He has no vices or bad behaviors.

In the arena, he has been exposed to large groups of riders, lunging horses bucking and leaping. He has been ridden in an indoor arena with mirrors and outdoor arenas. He goes over poles, logs and will jump small jumps. He has a very comfortable canter.

He has all the ground work and round pens with inside turns, lunges , will gait on the lunge line with side reins. He has been desensitizied as you see in videos. I try to use what you will see on trail such as bike bells, umbrellas, bags etc.

More information, many videos and pictures on my website. www.majesticrider.com

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