Deandra (Dee)
Bay Thoroughbred Mare
Horse ID: 2166933
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Thoroughbred/warmblood cross for sale
Date Foaled
JAN 2002 (18)
16.1 hh
Other Color or Markings
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10=Very Spirited
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Asking Price
$500 (US) OBO
16.1 hh, 18 years now, tb/warm blood cross. Utd vaccines, trim, teeth. Loads, bathes, clips, cross-ties, etc. Actually has a heel, but does get a little pancaked if trims go to long (I keep her barefoot and only had one abscess in a particularly wet winter when I first got her in 2016. She's been safe around toddlers and older, loud kids as well as dogs. Her vices: food aggressive if fed close to other horses, but no problems in the pasture when grazing (when I throw hay, I just make sure it's 6+ feet away from my other mare and no issues with that, just can't feed them in free-access stalls if they're not separated because she'll bully the other horse in the stall). She doesnt crib, but she will chew wood if her feed isnt balanced in the winter-- needs heavy blankets and quality alfalfa in the winter to keep her weight on. She's sound. I frequently put beginners on her for easy, groomed trails, but no arena access so I dont know how she does there. Her lunge-line skills could be improved. I've been between pregnancies the majority of time that I've had her and now moving, so need to downsize. I actually really like this horse and debate whether or not I will regret rehoming her because she's such a good horse to hop on after 6 months without a ride and gets right back to it!-- she's sweet and a really good mare. If I had the time, I'd ask more money for her, but the move is already underway and I have another baby on the way, so she's gotta go soon!
In her previous life, I heard she did eventing when she was young and was in english flat lessons with her last owner (a teenage beginning rider). I've ridden her mostly in a western saddle or a bareback pad (those TB withers, tho!). The 13 yr old neighbor kid likes this mare over my other mare and will put up some jumps for her to play with in the field! She'd be an awesome 4h horse or a husband-safe pasture pet! She just needs more attention and love than I can spare her! I'll sure miss her!

And please, if you make an appointment with me to see her, don't waste my time-- actually show up if you plan it with me (can you tell I've been soured before?!).

$500 obo.

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Ad Created: Feb 14, 2020

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