Sweetie Pie
Buckskin Mustang Mare
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Lesson Horse. Unicorn. Will Require Contract.
Date Foaled
2000 (20)
16.0 hh
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$2,000 (US)
Sweetie Pie. 20 year old mustang mare out of the CA draft cross heard. She is a large horse. Under 16hh but just barely. Im going to try to give the most honest and complete description so here goes. She was purchased as a yearling along with her buddy Raven a Tennessee Walker. They were raised together, in the same pasture with the same owners their whole lives until three years ago when they came to me. They were husband and wifes horses. Sweetie Pie the husbands and Raven the wife. Sweetie Pie spent every morning laying on the lawn next to the couples house while the husband would drink coffee and eat a banana. After he finished he would give her the banana peal. Super cute. The couple passed away and the children knew nothing about horses. So they came to me. Sweetie Pie had a career in dressage (which she hates so no she cannot do this anymore shes over it haa). She has been retired with me because she deserves this. Trail rides and kids playdates. She is not into going fast, prefers western tack over English… for obvious reasons ha. She likes going slow. She will run if she has another horse with her because she loves to try to beat them or if you have to, she will for you but honestly she deserves to take it easy. That's what she likes. Sweetie was treated like a princess her whole life. No injuries no issues she can live off of air due to the part draft. She loves to swim! Will dunk her whole face in any good size bucket or trough of water. Solid feet although I did put shoes on her fronts when my daughter and I were trailering her way up in the rocky mountains. It helps her but she doesn’t need them. She would stand for hrs to be brushed, picks up her own feet etc etc. She is what I would call an old soul that is use to being a barn diva haa. She is a princess and deserves to be treated as such. Which brings me to why I am posting this. It has been a horrible year for me health wise. Heart attack and just as Im getting better and think I can start ridding again I find out I need fairly immediate surgery to my arm. It’s a huge surgery and I will not be able to lift etc for awhile. My sister bless her soul has helped me care for both horses because I promised the family they would always be cared for. It is time for Raven her buddy, to be put to rest and I am not going to be healthy it seems for some time. I am making the hard decision to look for a stellar home for sweetie. She must have other horses where she goes. She would do best as a lead line horse for kids. She is beginner safe but only with a trainer due to her size. She loves to be pampered and loves to walk little kids around. She will go out on her own if you are experienced, but she was always ridden with Raven always for 20 yrs so that’s what she knows… follow behind. She wont buck or bolt etc shes an amazing horse but she is calm and happiest following a buddy. I will be very picky about her home.

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Ad Created: Feb 22, 2020

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