Apache Gold Dust (Apache)
Chestnut Appaloosa Mare
Horse ID: 2167765
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Sweet older mare needs home ASAP
Date Foaled
MAY 1994 (26)
15.0 hh
950 pounds
Other Color or Markings
Varnished out. 
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
May Trade
Reg. Assn
Appaloosa Horse Club
Reg. Number
For Lease
For Sale
Asking Price
$400 (US) FIRM
Had a home but new owners ran into complications and couldn’t get her home.
Apache Gold Dust
Born 5/2/1994
Chestnut (roaned out)
Registration #530273
Has done everything under the sun.
Needs a retirement home to enjoy pasture life or a kid home or maybe a light trail home
Has arthritis but still gets around good
Needs joint supplements in winter
Needs hooves trimmed
Can be lead with just some twine around her neck
Can be buddy sour
Great for the farrier
Would make a great first horse or companion
Greencreek Idaho
She limps at the trot right now, but she can still move good.
She will be 26 this year, I’ve had her a few years, she has been dewormed and had her vaccines last year but needs her hooves trimmed and I’m not sure about her teeth.
I had sold her last year but the owners have failed to raise the money to have her transported to them and with three other horses I couldn’t afford to pay their bills.
Ownership was finally signed back over to me and I’m in a fez, I have a couple horses I have to sell ASAP.
I e done everything from trails to moving cows, sorting and playdays, just wondering on back roads to chasing coyotes.
I originally sold her because her arthritis didn’t allow her to do the heavy ranch work anymore and I couldn’t keep buying supplements for two horses.
She has lots of life left in her and just needs a soft place that can afford her supplements and give her all the attention she needs.
I love her dearly and she has been a steady and reliable partner, so I really hate to sale her but I can not give her what she needs and I’m on a deadline.
If on gravel for too long she can get sore if barefoot, she does great for the farrier, great shod or barefoot.
She does get warts around her ears but they don’t bother her, I do have an ointment that her previous owner gave me to make the warts fall off but it didn’t work for me and my vet had said as long as they don’t bother her, they are fine.
$400, she hasn’t been on any supplements this winter.
She is in Greencreek Idaho.
She is a dirty mess at the moment.
Due to not getting any supplements this winter she is limping a bit, I’ve given her some of my work horses supplements on the worst of days, sparring what I could.
She has a nice smooth gait when she isn’t gimping.
I used buteless, a glucosamine product and a combo one.

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Apache Easy Jet
Rafter S Gold Chic

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