Friendly Request (Sierra)
Black Bay Thoroughbred Mare
Horse ID: 2175529
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HorseID: 2175529 Friendly Request - PhotoID: 927361

HorseID: 2175529 Friendly Request - PhotoID: 927362

HorseID: 2175529 Friendly Request - PhotoID: 927363

HorseID: 2175529 Friendly Request - PhotoID: 927364

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Trail Extrodanaire throw anything at her!
Date Foaled
FEB 2014 (6)
15.3 hh
1,200 pounds
Black Bay
Other Color or Markings
Tiny star 
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10=Very Spirited
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I’ve had Sierra since she raced and was her groom on the track. She retired due to fracturing her sesamoid and has had two years off and fully recouped. Vet says she is sound for anything (including racing!) but I want her to go somewhere where there is minimal to no jumping. She takes awhile to warm up to new people but once she trusts you she is a ride or die kind of partner. She came off the track with some aggression which we have worked tirelessly on, but she will still throw the occasional kick especially when she is excited for food time. She has a heart warming deep study knicker and is very vocal about it and will wuffle you into extra peppermints which are her favorite.
She is a trail horse extraordinaire which is about all she has done since being restarted. Hacks out alone or in a group, bit or no bit but if she uses a bit she likes gentle snaffles and I think leather would be her ideal. You can hop on her and go wherever whenever and she is down for it no if’s ands or butts. Her and I are very attached but I have three and my 30yo gets priority on care and time. I feel she wants to be someone’s #1 and she does best in regular handling even if it’s not riding, she loves to be groomed, has a luscious mane we have worked very hard on. Stands for clipping, (loves it), bathing, hoof trimming (she is barefoot and we are working hard on building strong healthy feet, it has been a journey and I would like her to go to someone educated in bare feet to continue it).
I throw tarps on her, buckets on her butt, trim her out in the pasture, she free roams and comes when called, will offer to clean out your pockets free of charge, and has the most velvety soft black coat in the summer. My plan is to turn her into a huntseat / dressage horse but currently I have no access to an arena so the plan is just a Dream for now. I am also open to a lease.
She is sensitive to flys and will need fly sheets or spray. She likes having turn out but also appreciates a run in shed or stall that’s bedded nice and fluffy. She prefers women strongly over men but would be fine with either as long as the hand was gentle and kind. She is good around dogs she knows but will chase them if they try to herd her, she has gone after coyotes before with teeth bared and would do the same to a dog she perceived a threat. That being said I have an Aussie I use to move the horses sometimes and they get along. When he tries to herd her she simply stands and ignores him.

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