Sam's Magicque (Magicque)
Black Friesian Stallion
Horse ID: 2176545
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HorseID: 2176545 Sam's Magicque - PhotoID: 928616

HorseID: 2176545 Sam's Magicque - PhotoID: 928617

HorseID: 2176545 Sam's Magicque - PhotoID: 928618

HorseID: 2176545 Sam's Magicque - PhotoID: 928619

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Pure Breed Registered Friesian Stallion
Date Foaled
APR 2014 (6)
15.1 hh
1,100 pounds
Other Color or Markings
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
May Trade
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For Lease
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Horse Skills, Disciplines, Attributes
Magicque is a 6 year old solid black ( nonfading ) Friesian Stallion. He is registered with FHH and is neg. for dwarfism & hydrocephalus. standing at 15.1 hh. Magicque has an outstanding pedigree! His sire is FPZV Approved Sam and his dam sire is FHANA Approved Stallion FEIKE 395. Magicque moves smoothly and with grace. He has a very willing attitude and a desire to please. He has a huge heart and lots of hair 🙂 He has a classic Baroque body style. He is gentle and kind with humans and mares alike . He has been collected and has great semen counts with very good motility. Shipped semen is available. He is a very mannerly stallion and gentle when being bred. Magicque is an absolute joy out on trail and a total gentlemen when being ridden with mares. I have had 3 surgery's on my right knee in 4 and a half years... so have not been able to take him to the horse shows that being said... his kind easy going temperament has enabled me to easily train him to ride and drive and even while recovering from my surgery's. Magicque is 15.1 hh with a 17 hh horse presence ! We are only live covering 2 mares a month so space is limited. BOOK NOW Multiple Mare Discounts available.

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Pedigree for Sam's Magicque

First GenerationSecond GenerationThird GenerationFourth Generation
SAM APV ster , Friesian
FPS/FPZV-APVN 199709901 Black 157cm
FAB 348-/-Apv SD Pref , Friesian 
Fps-APV+Sport+Pref 199311601
Melle 311 APV SD Friesian  Frans 289 APV , Friesian 
Woltje Ster Pref , Friesian 
Kee Ster , Friesian  Romk 234 APV , Friesian 
Hilja Ster Friesian 
Eva-Finde Ster , Friesian 
FPS-Ster 199325520
Remelt 323df+* APV , Friesian  Oege 267 df+*/hy+*APV Pref , Friesian 
Elviraa Ster , Friesian 
Find_Maaike van Hinderrust , Friesian  Lammert 260_* Friesian 
Maaike-Sietske v.d. Hertshoorn 
Keagan , Friesian
FPS-STB 200308256 Black
Feike 395 APV SD , Friesian 
FPS-APV+Sport 199306571
Feitse 293 APV Pref, Friesian Jelsje Mdl Pref Pres  Jochem 259 APV Pref SD, Friesian 
Lysebet-1975 Ster Pref , Friesian 
jelsje Mdl Pref Prestm, Friesian  Naen 264 APV Pref , Friesian 
Enka Ster Pref , Friesian 
Wandria , Friesian 
FPS-STB 199916620
Wander 352 -/- APV , Friesiqan  Barteld 292 APV , Friesian 
Nylke S. df? Ster Pref , Friesian 
Joukje , Friesian  Teake 273 APV , Friesian 
Jaike , Friesian 

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