Cuervos Pistols and Lace (Lacey)
Chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse Mare
Horse ID: 2177292
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HorseID: 2177292 Cuervos Pistols and Lace - PhotoID: 929363

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Spotted Saddle Mare/Tennessee Walker
Tennessee Walking Horse 

Spotted Saddle Horse 

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Date Foaled
JUL 2005 (15)
15.1 hh
950 pounds
Other Color or Markings
Tobiano, star, strip, snip. All 4 stockings. mixed mane&tail 
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
May Trade
Reg. Assn
Nat'l Spotted Saddle
Reg. Number
For Lease
For Sale
Asking Price
$6,000 (US) FIRM
Pretty as a Princess, but tough as nails; this little lady is one hardy mare with an outstanding pedigree. She is intelligent, has a strong work ethic and loves to learn new things. She lives on mountain pasture and normal riding means steep up and downs on a regular basis. I bought her 4 years ago for my 14 yr old granddaughter, who has now entered the Navy. She is such a fine horse, I love her. But I need to pay some bills; It’s time for a new owner.
Lacey needs someone who wants to ride as much as Lacey loves to get out and see new things and meet new horses. She is really good around new horses and, as you can see in the video, can walk slow with un-gaited horses. She really loves to gait out though and loves the front, although she won’t fight for it. She can ride in the middle or last place, as we often play leap-frog when we ride. In the video, on the 4 wheeler, I clocked her in the running walk up to 12 mph, then she broke into a canter. She will park out for mounting, lunges, trailers easily, is good for the farrier, side-passes, not easily spooked as she is used to the tractor, gun shot, cycles, trampolines, motor bikes. air compressors, and having dogs run with her. We ride through cattle and she is pastured next to llamas; we frequently have deer jump out from the brush and turkeys running through it, as well. No problem with tarps or flags. Respects the fence. Will go out alone or in a group; will ride away from her pasture mates. Has been horse camping several times and hi-tied and hobbled. My pony colt was weaned to her, she will pony others. She is not timid nor mean to other horses, but will defend herself. She will teach a beginner in the arena, but on the trail she is all business. Wonderful smooth gait. She has a lot of heart and won’t quit on you.
Two weeks after we purchased Lacey, my alpha mare ran her into a fence and her front legs were cut. She walked fine and her gait was never affected. She was treated at UC Davis and recovered well, but does have a scar on her left front thigh that is visible when she sheds out.
I camped solo and rode her all over Southern Oregon. She got right into the ocean for just her 2nd time and we rode trails over near Mt Thielson. I just let her go at her own pace and whenever she saw us coming up on a downed tree, she broke into a canter, ears up and ran and cleared the trees like she had been a steeplechase jumper! She jumped at least 20 large,downed trees and stepped over many others in one day alone. She kept her running walk going over many platform bridges and easily covered 16 miles in 4 hours one day from an altitude range of 4300' to 6000'. The next day she covered 18 miles in 4 hours, without a single nudge to move forward and did the whole ride in just a halter. She stood in the lake while a helicopter dropped a bucket right in front of her for a nearby fire. She is in shape and used to long rides. To an approved home only.

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Pedigree for Cuervos Pistols and Lace

First GenerationSecond GenerationThird GenerationFourth Generation
5 J's Jose' Cuervo
Ragtime Cowboy Joe  Coker's First Spot  Rebel Rouser 
Coker's Lady 
Sandman's Stormy Lady  Newell's Sandman 
Pretty Lady W. 
5 J's Tequilla  Go Boy's Red Bluff  Go Boy's Captain 
Midnight Merry Miss 
Uptown Lacey Old  Tawny Uptown 
Cameo's Crimson 
Paint Me Delightful
Paint Me Idaho  Paint's Landlord  Paint The Town 
Merry Boy Landlady 
Sun Dust's Carol  Spirit's Sun Dust 
Sally's Donna 
Delight's Lass  Senator Delight R & R  Ebony's Senator 
Alice Delight 
Ebony's April Lass  Delight's Black Lad 
Lady Ann Ebony 

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