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Horses for Sale - PRE Mundials

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Troy, Illinois
     2006 Grey Andalusian Mare $16,000
     Legionario III great granddaughter
     Horse ID: 2019793 - Photo Added/Renewed: 02-Jan-2016 02:42:58 PM
For Sale
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Armani LFA
Eugene, Oregon
     2005 Black Andalusian Stallion $55,000
     Multi-National Champion Black Stallion at Stud
     Horse ID: 2015000 - Photo Added/Renewed: 12-Nov-2015 11:59:46 PM
For Sale
At Stud
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Elche, Alicante, Spain, Other
     2009 Bay Andalusian Stallion PRIVATE_TREATY
     Stallion Purebred Spanish (P.R.E)
     Horse ID: 2017408 - Added: 03-Dec-2015 02:09:56 PM
For Sale
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