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Menageries At Wits End (Whitney)
Ray, Michigan
     2010 Sorrel Miniature Horse Mare $2,000
     5 Yr. old AMHR Miniature Mare
     Horse ID: 2005209 - Photo Added/Renewed: 31-Aug-2015 12:39:48 AM
For Sale
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Treasured Rainbow (Pumpkin)
Grand Rapids, Michigan
     2013 Buckskin Miniature Horse Filly $800
     Beautiful buckskin filly
     Horse ID: 2004914 - Photo Added/Renewed: 29-Aug-2015 09:38:18 PM
For Sale
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Sunkist Prince Starla (Paloma)
Berthoud, Colorado
     2002 Chocolate Miniature Horse Mare $350
     Chocolate Mini Mare
     Horse ID: 2004717 - Photo Added/Renewed: 28-Aug-2015 01:05:22 AM
For Sale
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LTDS Viva la Magic (Viva)
coeur d alene, Idaho
     2006 Black Miniature Horse Mare $1,000
     Viva la Magic
     Horse ID: 1980404 - Photo Added/Renewed: 26-Aug-2015 12:25:04 PM
For Sale
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Tinkerbell (Tinker)
Sharon Center, Ohio
     2011 Bay Miniature Horse Mare $400
     Miniture Pinto Mare
     Horse ID: 2003334 - Photo Added/Renewed: 25-Aug-2015 12:10:53 PM
For Sale
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PF Too Good To Be True (Louie)
Salem, Oregon
     2010 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Gelding $2,500
     FOR SALE: Your next show horse
     Horse ID: 2003241 - Photo Added/Renewed: 19-Aug-2015 01:10:06 PM
For Sale
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Color Me Dandy (Joey)
benzonia, Michigan
     2011 Brown Miniature Horse Gelding $500
     pinto minature gelding
     Horse ID: 2002855 - Photo Added/Renewed: 16-Aug-2015 01:31:17 PM
For Sale
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Gypsy Rose Lee-Dixi (Dixi)
West Grove, Pennsylvania
     2011 Silver Miniature Horse Mare FOR_ADOPTION
     Mini Driving Mare for Adoption
     Horse ID: 2002578 - Photo Added/Renewed: 15-Aug-2015 01:03:13 AM
For Sale
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Clancy (Clancy)
West Grove, Pennsylvania
     2011 Grey Miniature Horse Gelding FOR_ADOPTION
     Adorable driving mini Gelding
     Horse ID: 2002579 - Photo Added/Renewed: 15-Aug-2015 01:03:13 AM
For Sale
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Kallas Korrals Im Awesome Too (Awesome)
Grants Pass, Oregon
     2001 Black Miniature Horse Mare $800
     32 Black Mini Mare ~ Proven Broodmare ~ Driving Prospect
     Horse ID: 1986394 - Photo Added/Renewed: 14-Aug-2015 11:13:05 PM
For Sale
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Etna, California
     2003 Sorrel Miniature Horse Gelding $1,800
     Miniature Driving Gelding
     Horse ID: 2002219 - Photo Added/Renewed: 13-Aug-2015 12:39:51 PM
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Mulligans Run Dreams Rogue Dancer (Gabbie)
Heathsville, Virginia
     2011 Grey Miniature Horse Mare $2,100
     Sweet Grey Pinto Mare
     Horse ID: 2002089 - Photo Added/Renewed: 13-Aug-2015 12:34:34 PM
For Sale
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Viking Winds Wunsina Blue Moon (Blue)
Dobbins, California
     2009 Cremello Miniature Horse Stallion
     Want a dilute foal?
     Horse ID: 2002082 - Photo Added/Renewed: 13-Aug-2015 12:34:33 PM
At Stud
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RS Mane Attraction (Ozzy)
Salem, Oregon
     2007 Bay Miniature Horse Gelding $2,000
     Miniature Horse FOR SALE
     Horse ID: 2002022 - Photo Added/Renewed: 11-Aug-2015 07:21:05 PM - Renewed: 14-Aug-2015 01:13:33 PM
For Sale
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Axtman's Prairie Classy Step (Joe)
Newman Lake, Washington
     2007 Black Miniature Horse Stallion $500
     Flashy pinto stallion with a showy attitude
     Horse ID: 1999718 - Photo Added/Renewed: 09-Aug-2015 01:45:20 PM
For Sale
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Summers Chasin Rainbows (Chase)
Grayland, Washington
     2005 Sorrel Miniature Horse Gelding $1,500
     CDE/Western Driving Gelding AMHR AMHA
     Horse ID: 2000878 - Photo Added/Renewed: 05-Aug-2015 02:38:31 PM
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Little Creek Zero Jazz (Zero)
Caliente, California
     1998 Bay Miniature Horse Gelding $5,000
     Best horse for your child
     Horse ID: 1997333 - Photo Added/Renewed: 05-Aug-2015 10:18:11 AM
For Sale
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Bethel KY Classic Champagne of MS (KC)
Manchester, Maryland
     2006 Champagne Miniature Horse Gelding $1,500
     Horse ID: 1999841 - Photo Added/Renewed: 04-Aug-2015 10:26:04 AM
For Sale
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Jass's Red Hot Rascal (Rascal)
Port Ludlow, Washington
     2012 Chestnut Miniature Horse Gelding $900
     Bold, Athletic gelding
     Horse ID: 1946914 - Photo Added/Renewed: 03-Aug-2015 10:17:25 PM - Renewed: 25-Aug-2015 12:00:00 AM
Sale Pending
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Photo is Expiring
Solid Gold Legacys Princess
Ramona, California
     2002 Black Miniature Horse Mare $1,000
     Tiny 30 in Mini Mare Rides & Drives!
     Horse ID: 1999090 - Photo Added/Renewed: 30-Jul-2015 10:48:21 AM
For Sale
May Trade
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Son of Little Kings B T Buck Bandito (Bandito)
Honeyville, Utah
     2015 Bay Miniature Horse Colt $2,999
     Gorgeous Tobiano colt with all the flash to win nationally
     Horse ID: 1997952 - Photo Added/Renewed: 30-Jul-2015 02:29:45 AM
For Sale
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Ravenwood Dance to Remember (Taz)
Franklin, Pennsylvania
     2007 Bay Miniature Horse Stallion $900
     Minature Horse Stallion
     Horse ID: 2000091 - Photo Added/Renewed: 29-Jul-2015 12:30:47 PM
For Sale
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Jones' Impressive Music Man (Eminem)
Youngstown, Ohio
     2009 Buckskin Miniature Horse Stallion $1,500
     Grand champion halter and driving
     Horse ID: 1999789 - Photo Added/Renewed: 27-Jul-2015 10:45:30 PM
For Sale
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Tumwater, Washington
     2015 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Colt $1,200
     Silver Dapple Colt
     Horse ID: 1999754 - Photo Added/Renewed: 27-Jul-2015 10:42:16 PM
For Sale
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Freedom Hill Farms Buck Blonde Buck (Blonde)
Dillwyn, Virginia
     1998 Palomino Miniature Horse Mare $500
     Striking Palomino Mini
     Horse ID: 1987191 - Photo Added/Renewed: 22-Jul-2015 01:46:26 PM
For Sale
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Menageries legacy there'll be talk (Rumor)
Idaho falls, Idaho
     2008 Grulla Miniature Horse Stallion $3,000
     Horse ID: 1998520 - Photo Added/Renewed: 21-Jul-2015 10:53:21 AM
For Sale
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Orion Silver Supreme (Silver)
lapeer, Michigan
     2001 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Stallion $650
     Gorgeous class A Silver Mini
     Horse ID: 1998485 - Photo Added/Renewed: 21-Jul-2015 12:20:46 AM
For Sale
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Aaprina In Destinys Heart of Gold (Desi)
Estacada, Oregon
     2001 Buckskin Miniature Horse Mare $1,500
     WINTER SALE PRICED!! Flashy Alvadars Double Destiny DAUGHTER
     Horse ID: 1997912 - Photo Added/Renewed: 17-Jul-2015 01:06:22 AM
For Sale
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Southern Charms Ramblin Rogue (Bo)
Atkinson, New Hampshire
     1998 Chestnut Miniature Horse Stallion $1
     Proven Miniature Stallion or Geld Him
     Horse ID: 1997894 - Photo Added/Renewed: 17-Jul-2015 12:47:34 AM
For Sale
May Trade
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Sutherlin's Dakota Girl (Dakota)
Olmsted Falls, Ohio
     2005 Chestnut Miniature Horse Mare $1,500
     Driving Miniature/VSE
     Horse ID: 1997715 - Photo Added/Renewed: 16-Jul-2015 02:01:13 AM
For Sale
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