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Horses for Sale - Morabs

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PULASKI, Wisconsin
     2013 Black Bay Half Arabian Filly $2,400
     Horse ID: 1930559 - Photo Added/Renewed: 15-Jun-2015 11:39:48 AM
For Sale
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Howell, Michigan
     2007 Palomino Half Arabian Gelding $4,500
     Beautiful Palomino Gelding
     Horse ID: 1991086 - Photo Added/Renewed: 29-May-2015 06:44:06 PM
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Pf Mystic Flame (Mystic)
Dixon, California
     2004 Chestnut Morab Mare $700
     Typey, correct big bodied daughter of Fire An Ice
     Horse ID: 1967301 - Photo Added/Renewed: 12-Apr-2015 11:59:41 PM - Renewed: 27-Jun-2015 12:00:00 AM
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Imp (Imp)
Lorane, Oregon
     2013 Bay Lusitano Gelding PRIVATE_TREATY
     Beautiful Registered Lucitano Cross
     Horse ID: 1954389 - Photo Added/Renewed: 22-Jan-2015 01:46:05 PM
For Sale
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WF Gabriel's triumph (Gabe)
Cumming, Georgia
     2001 Chestnut Morab Gelding
     Cute morab gelding for ON SITE lease!
     Horse ID: 1995378 - Added: 27-Jun-2015 08:06:38 PM
For Lease
No Photo
Dandy's Sticky Hannah (Sticky)
Shingle Springs, California
     2002 Grey Morab Mare FREE_HORSE
     Outrageously talented, All Around Mare w/ Quirky Personality
     Horse ID: 1993938 - Added: 17-Jun-2015 09:54:57 AM
For Sale
For Lease
No Photo
BWG Smokin Ace (Munchkin)
Sandpoint, Idaho
     2008 Black Half Arabian Gelding $2,000
     Beautiful Morgan/Arabian Gelding
     Horse ID: 1993183 - Added: 11-Jun-2015 04:20:35 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Caress the Wind (Kazi)
Caledonia, Wisconsin
     2009 Chestnut Morab Mare $500
     Padron, Muscat, Bask, and Khemosabi in pedigree!
     Horse ID: 1993075 - Added: 10-Jun-2015 10:05:46 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Drifters Power Buckshot (Buckshot)
DuBois, Pennsylvania
     2015 Dunskin Morab Colt $3,500
     2015 Buckskin Morab Colt
     Horse ID: 1992022 - Added: 03-Jun-2015 10:57:49 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Eltopia, Washington
     2006 Black Morab Mare $5,200
     Beautiful, safe Morab mare. Trails/beginners
     Horse ID: 1991809 - Added: 01-Jun-2015 08:46:17 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Kool Desert Sunrise (Sunny)
Marengo, Ohio
     2004 Grey Morab Mare $1,000
     Beautiful, Sweet Morab Mare for sale
     Horse ID: 1990012 - Added: 19-May-2015 09:00:20 AM
Sale Pending
No Photo
A Viking Charm ASF (Viki)
Clarksville, Michigan
     1999 Chestnut Morab Mare $3,500
     Morab mare, Black producer, Great on trails!
     Horse ID: 1989378 - Added: 14-May-2015 09:18:08 AM
For Sale
No Photo
LM Mystery Lady (Lady)
Rainbow, Texas
     2002 Liver Chestnut Morab Mare $3,500
     LM Mystery Lady - Registered Morab Mare - 2002
     Horse ID: 1989261 - Added: 13-May-2015 01:38:32 PM
For Sale
No Photo
DIXON, California
     2001 Bay Morab Gelding $2,500
     Handsome gelding for trail or performance!
     Horse ID: 1982244 - Added: 18-Mar-2015 09:29:57 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Midnight Magic (Magic)
Marysville, Washington
     2013 Black Morab Stallion $1,000
     Black Morab Stallion
     Horse ID: 1981858 - Added: 15-Mar-2015 10:31:35 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Calypso (Caly)
saskatoon, Saskatchewan
     2002 Chestnut Morab Mare $5,000
     14.2 HH Morgan Arabian beginner/advanced rider
     Horse ID: 1981042 - Added: 08-Mar-2015 07:36:50 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Tehachapi, California
     2004 Palomino Morab Mare $1,000
     Horse ID: 1866113 - Added: 01-Mar-2015 06:48:59 PM - Renewed: 28-Jun-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Risk It All (Daisy)
Lexington, South Carolina
     1996 Liver Chestnut Morab Mare $800
     Hunter Jumper For Sale- Must Sell ASAP
     Horse ID: 1980159 - Added: 01-Mar-2015 05:49:41 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Provo, Utah
     2001 Sorrel Morab Mare $3,900
     Stunning mare! 4H-Mountain-Arena. Calm/easy.
     Horse ID: 1971580 - Added: 15-Dec-2014 11:25:47 AM
No Photo
Tempest Con Brio (Tempest)
Shawnee, Kansas
     2008 Bay Morab Mare $3,000
     Sweet All-Around Morab Mare
     Horse ID: 1971050 - Added: 10-Dec-2014 10:33:54 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Khiss My Goldn Assets (Khruz)
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
     2009 Palomino Morab Gelding $2,500
     Gorgeous Registered Palomino Morab ready to start LD's !
     Horse ID: 1970114 - Added: 04-Dec-2014 10:44:36 PM - Renewed: 31-Mar-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Loomis, California
     1992 Grey Morab Gelding $2,000
     Beginner Safe, Dressage, Eventing and Trail Horse
     Horse ID: 1968174 - Added: 17-Nov-2014 09:30:25 AM - Renewed: 12-Mar-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Hagerstown, Maryland
     2002 Chestnut Morab Gelding
     Wanting to find my old horse.
     Horse ID: 1586751 - Added: 03-Aug-2010 06:20:52 AM - Renewed: 23-Jan-2015 02:09:59 PM
No Photo


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