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Horses for Sale - Standardbreds

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Scottsdale, Arizona
     2007 Bay AQHA Quarter Horse Cross Gelding $2,000
     Quarter horse standard bred mix
     Horse ID: 1983405 - Photo Added/Renewed: 27-Jan-2016 07:44:18 PM
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Uvalde, Texas
     1999 Bay Standardbred Gelding $5,000
     All-around horse
     Horse ID: 2019642 - Photo Added/Renewed: 31-Dec-2015 03:04:44 PM
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Gold Ball (Lucky)
Biddeford, Maine
     1999 Chestnut Standardbred Gelding $1,400
     1999 Chestnut Standardbred Gelding $1400 (OTSTB)
     Horse ID: 2019397 - Photo Added/Renewed: 28-Dec-2015 10:29:10 AM
Sale Pending
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Restless Wind (Rusty)
Snowflake, Arizona
     2004 Bay Standardbred Gelding $4,000
     Standardbred Rides and Drives
     Horse ID: 2014667 - Photo Added/Renewed: 27-Nov-2015 01:30:05 PM
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May Trade
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Fancy Wine
houston, Pennsylvania
     2005 Bay Standardbred Mare $1,000
     nice family horse
     Horse ID: 2015472 - Photo Added/Renewed: 17-Nov-2015 12:55:05 AM - Renewed: 01-Feb-2016 12:00:00 AM
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Jake (Big Jake)
Gonzales, Texas
     2005 Bay Percheron Gelding $3,500
     Percheron/Standardbred Gelding
     Horse ID: 2012817 - Photo Added/Renewed: 28-Oct-2015 05:05:56 AM
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Jill (Jill)
Baker City, Oregon
     2004 Sorrel Belgian Warmblood Mare $1,800
     BELGIAN Standard Bred Cross
     Horse ID: 2012778 - Photo Added/Renewed: 27-Oct-2015 04:29:40 AM - Renewed: 11-Jan-2016 12:00:00 AM
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H. H. Newsflash (Dakota)
Everson, Washington
     2007 Bay Standardbred Gelding $1,000
     8 YO Standardbred Gelding
     Horse ID: 1995521 - Photo Added/Renewed: 23-Oct-2015 03:59:04 AM
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Jonestown, Pennsylvania
     2002 Bay Standardbred Gelding $1,200
     Sweet gelding in need of a job!
     Horse ID: 2011788 - Photo Added/Renewed: 18-Oct-2015 03:48:00 AM - Renewed: 02-Jan-2016 12:00:00 AM
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Milford, Michigan
     2003 Bay Standardbred Gelding $800
     Sweet Steady Trail Horse
     Horse ID: 2023749 - Added: 09-Feb-2016 06:16:18 AM
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Northern Raucous
Lerona, West Virginia
     2001 Bay Standardbred Stallion $2,500
     Very fast and sound registered standardbred stud
     Horse ID: 2023220 - Added: 03-Feb-2016 07:38:31 PM
For Sale
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allegan, Michigan
     2001 Black Grade Horse Gelding $1,000
     ride nd drive gelding
     Horse ID: 2022990 - Added: 02-Feb-2016 05:08:23 AM
For Sale
May Trade
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Trixiessisterdixie (Dixie)
Toledo, Ohio
     2000 Bay Standardbred Mare $1,000
     Standard Bred for sale
     Horse ID: 2022550 - Added: 28-Jan-2016 09:10:11 PM
For Sale
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Terrebonne, Oregon
     2006 Chestnut Arabian Gelding $3,000
     What a mover.......
     Horse ID: 2021969 - Added: 22-Jan-2016 03:28:04 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Kennewick, Washington
     2011 Chestnut Arabian Stallion $16,000
     Horse ID: 2020033 - Added: 04-Jan-2016 12:08:47 PM
For Sale
May Trade
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Holly (Holly)
Morriston, Florida
     2000 Bay Standardbred Mare $2,300
     Proven Broodmare That You Can Ride and Drive
     Horse ID: 2019910 - Added: 03-Jan-2016 10:52:42 AM
For Sale
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Where's Waldo (Wally)
Graham, Washington
     1995 Chestnut Thoroughbred Cross Gelding $2,700
     Thoroughbred Cross for SALE
     Horse ID: 2018961 - Added: 19-Dec-2015 11:58:53 PM
For Sale
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marmaduke, Arkansas
     2007 White Standardbred Gelding $1,000
     Horse ID: 2016829 - Added: 28-Nov-2015 08:50:25 AM
For Sale
No Photo
ABS Muscle Hall
Middlefield, Ohio
     2015 Bay Standardbred Mare In Foal $3,200
     Standerbred Mare for sale
     Horse ID: 2014696 - Added: 09-Nov-2015 04:17:52 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Hurricane Rose
Flat Lick, Kentucky
     2010 Black Standardbred Mare $5,500
     She's a Hurricane
     Horse ID: 2013608 - Added: 30-Oct-2015 06:55:41 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Gracie Craig
Ruther Glen, Virginia
     1995 Black Bay Standardbred Mare $1
     Free companion standard bred horse, must re-home, moving
     Horse ID: 2013470 - Added: 29-Oct-2015 12:46:39 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Sugar Baby
Appomattox, Virginia
     2001 Bay Standardbred Mare $200
     Pretty Bay Mare
     Horse ID: 2013212 - Added: 27-Oct-2015 01:12:02 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Franklin, Ohio
     2005 Bay Appaloosa Gelding $1,000
     Horse ID: 2012441 - Added: 22-Oct-2015 04:29:30 AM
For Sale
No Photo
edenborough (eddie)
New Hope, Pennsylvania
     1995 Bay Standardbred Gelding FREE_HORSE
     driving horse
     Horse ID: 2008838 - Added: 12-Oct-2015 10:21:56 PM - Renewed: 03-Feb-2016 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Pepper (video available) (Pepper)
Columbia Station, Ohio
     2012 Bay Standardbred Mare $2,500
     Pretty 3 year old mare Video!!/Pictures Available
     Horse ID: 2010946 - Added: 10-Oct-2015 12:19:30 PM
No Photo
Summersville, Kentucky
     2013 Chestnut Standardbred Filly $2,500
     Beautiful Standardbred
     Horse ID: 2010547 - Added: 07-Oct-2015 09:55:06 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Nicholasville, Kentucky
     2004 Bay Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding $1,500
     Excellent Trail/ Pleasure Gelding For Sale
     Horse ID: 2010062 - Added: 03-Oct-2015 01:11:04 PM
No Photo
East Jordan, Michigan
     2005 Chestnut Standardbred Mare $1,500
     Beautiful quiet 10 yr old standard bred mare!
     Horse ID: 2009376 - Added: 28-Sep-2015 01:41:26 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Oh So Willing (Starbuck)
Lebanon, New Jersey
     2008 Bay Rocky Mountain Horse Mare $1,500
     Rocky Mountain Horse/Standardbred mare
     Horse ID: 2009037 - Added: 25-Sep-2015 12:02:07 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Cotton, Minnesota
     2000 Bay Standardbred Mare
     15 year old Standardbred
     Horse ID: 2008309 - Added: 19-Sep-2015 10:57:38 PM
No Photo


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