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Cloud hill Arabella (Bella)
Everson, Washington
     2007 Bay Standardbred Mare $1,500
     Beautiful dark bay standardbred
     Horse ID: 1967766 - Photo Added/Renewed: 15-Nov-2014 11:21:46 AM
For Sale
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Charlie Boy
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
     2005 Bay Standardbred Gelding $4,500
     Charlie Boy
     Horse ID: 1962673 - Photo Added/Renewed: 10-Nov-2014 08:00:48 PM
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Fantasy Island (Petey)
Davis, California
     2001 Bay Standardbred Gelding $2,800
     Ride me or Pull a cart
     Horse ID: 1961446 - Photo Added/Renewed: 19-Oct-2014 11:59:41 PM
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Cookie's Monster (Chester)
Vernon Center, New York
     2008 Bay Pony Gelding $1,000
     Trottingbred Pony
     Horse ID: 1962546 - Photo Added/Renewed: 08-Oct-2014 12:00:31 PM
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King's Queen (Queen)
Frederick, Maryland
     2001 Bay Standardbred Mare $1,800
     13 year old Standardbred mare, rides and drives
     Horse ID: 1962510 - Photo Added/Renewed: 08-Oct-2014 11:59:38 AM
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It Can Happen (Hap)
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania
     2008 Bay Standardbred Gelding $2,500
     Handsome, Sound All-around Type for Many Disciplines
     Horse ID: 1960407 - Photo Added/Renewed: 25-Sep-2014 07:22:04 PM
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Pine Ridge Homer (Homer)
Broseley, Missouri
     1994 Sorrel Standardbred Gelding $900
     1994 Standardbred That is fast as the wind
     Horse ID: 1955418 - Photo Added/Renewed: 27-Aug-2014 02:13:16 PM - Renewed: 11-Nov-2014 12:00:00 AM
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Lady Shalimar Kareifa (Allie)
Wilton, California
     1997 Chestnut Half Arabian Mare $3,500
     14.1 hanf pinto gymkhana pony mare
     Horse ID: 1971916 - Added: 17-Dec-2014 11:05:50 PM
For Sale
May Trade
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sedro woolley, Washington
     2002 Brown Standardbred Gelding $350
     12yr old Standardbred gelding
     Horse ID: 1971314 - Added: 12-Dec-2014 03:42:09 PM
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Tea Broker (Tea)
Auburn, California
     1996 Bay Standardbred Gelding $750
     Kid Safe Gentle Giant
     Horse ID: 1970934 - Added: 09-Dec-2014 12:00:05 PM
For Sale
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Comical Star (Comi)
Allentown, New Jersey
     2002 Black Bay Standardbred Gelding
     Horse for lease
     Horse ID: 1970541 - Added: 06-Dec-2014 10:00:11 AM
For Lease
No Photo
Wheeler, Wisconsin
     2010 Bay Clydesdale Mare $1,800
     Gorgeous standardbred/clydesdale mare 2-1 package
     Horse ID: 1968533 - Added: 17-Nov-2014 08:50:26 PM
For Sale
May Trade
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conewango valley, New York
     2000 Black Standardbred Mare $1,000
     great kids horse!
     Horse ID: 1968242 - Added: 15-Nov-2014 08:37:54 PM
For Sale
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Affluent Affair (Farrah)
orlando, Florida
     1999 Chestnut Standardbred Mare $1,500
     Registered Saddlebred Mare for Sale
     Horse ID: 1968236 - Added: 15-Nov-2014 07:51:22 PM
For Sale
For Lease
No Photo
Saphira (Saphira)
, Other
     2000 Black Standardbred Mare
     Seeking Black Standardbred Mare
     Horse ID: 1968151 - Added: 15-Nov-2014 10:09:36 AM
No Photo
Odessa (dessa)
Eastview, Kentucky
     2005 Bay Thoroughbred Mare $4,000
     Grey dappled jumper
     Horse ID: 1967653 - Added: 11-Nov-2014 11:58:20 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Kate (Kate)
Eastview, Kentucky
     1999 Bay Standardbred Mare $4,000
     Great all around jump,dressage, lesson,
     Horse ID: 1967610 - Added: 11-Nov-2014 08:49:45 AM
For Sale
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Cero (Cero)
fresno, California
     2002 Black Standardbred Gelding $1,000
     standardbred gelding for sale
     Horse ID: 1966054 - Added: 30-Oct-2014 01:53:57 AM
For Sale
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Stu (Stu)
Blaine, Washington
     2012 Black Thoroughbred Cross Colt $250
     2 Yr Old Stud Colt
     Horse ID: 1965107 - Added: 23-Oct-2014 02:49:16 PM
For Sale
No Photo
oscoda, Michigan
     2000 Bay Standardbred Mare $700
     Standardbred Mare
     Horse ID: 1961482 - Added: 30-Sep-2014 04:31:46 PM - Renewed: 09-Dec-2014 03:34:23 PM
For Sale
No Photo
D Direct Transit (Red)
Battle Creek, Michigan
     2000 Chestnut Standardbred Gelding $1,000
     Great Trail and Beginners Horse
     Horse ID: 1961125 - Added: 28-Sep-2014 07:58:09 PM
For Sale
No Photo
PortColborne, Ontario
     2007 Bay Warmblood Cross Gelding $2,000
     Amazing dressage or all round gelding for sale.
     Horse ID: 1961031 - Added: 28-Sep-2014 11:51:50 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Winner Dot Com (Elmer)
Gorham, Maine
     2004 Liver Chestnut Standardbred Gelding FREE_HORSE
     FREE TO A GOOD HOME - 10 year old gelding
     Horse ID: 1960792 - Added: 26-Sep-2014 01:55:33 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Lakota Hanover (Lakota)
Lake Stevens, Washington
     2006 Black Bay Standardbred Gelding $500
     Trail horse with loads of personality
     Horse ID: 1960652 - Added: 25-Sep-2014 02:15:23 PM
No Photo
Indiana Dawn (Indy)
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
     2002 Bay Standardbred Mare
     Mare for Half Lease
     Horse ID: 1958287 - Added: 11-Sep-2014 03:03:10 PM
For Lease
No Photo
Golden Grace-Velvet Champion (Velvet)
Creston, North Carolina
     2004 Bay Standardbred Mare $1,000
     Beautiful Standardbred Mare
     Horse ID: 1957593 - Added: 08-Sep-2014 10:31:20 AM
For Sale
May Trade
No Photo
Blairsville, Pennsylvania
     1996 Bay Standardbred Mare $500
     Sweet and pretty mare
     Horse ID: 1957313 - Added: 06-Sep-2014 11:48:13 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Barnesville, Ohio
     2007 Black Tennessee Walking Horse Mare $1,000
     Gaited Mare Broke to ride and drive
     Horse ID: 1956187 - Added: 31-Aug-2014 11:53:06 AM
For Sale
No Photo
clermont, Florida
     1995 Bay Standardbred Mare FOR_ADOPTION
     nice standard bred mare - super trail horse!
     Horse ID: 1956035 - Added: 30-Aug-2014 12:22:59 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Ravenna, Ohio
     1996 Bay Standardbred Gelding FOR_ADOPTION
     Standardbred Gelding for adoption
     Horse ID: 1955739 - Added: 28-Aug-2014 04:40:16 PM
For Sale
No Photo


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