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Horses for Sale - Cleveland Bays

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Denali (Denali)
bumpass, Virginia
     2011 Black Cleveland Bay Gelding $13,750
     17HH Cleveland Bayx Gelding Hunting Quietly for any rider
     Horse ID: 1975714 - Photo Added/Renewed: 06-Feb-2015 12:14:19 PM
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Archers Robin (Robin)
Eagle Point, Oregon
     2004 Bay Cleveland Bay Gelding $18,500
     10 yo TB/Cleveland Bay Gelding
     Horse ID: 1978116 - Photo Added/Renewed: 07-Apr-2015 10:17:35 AM
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Cleveland Bay (Beetle)
Peebles, Ohio
     2014 Bay Cleveland Bay Gelding $3,000
     Cleveland Bay cross
     Horse ID: 1989668 - Added: 16-May-2015 07:04:05 PM
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McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania
     2009 Bay Cleveland Bay Gelding $7,000
     Cleveland Bay Sport Horse ready for his new partner
     Horse ID: 1983225 - Added: 26-Mar-2015 03:59:32 PM
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That's Houdini (Houdini)
Santa Clarita, California
     2002 Bay Cleveland Bay Gelding FREE_HORSE
     Dressage horse - free to the right home
     Horse ID: 1981439 - Added: 11-Mar-2015 04:42:58 PM
For Sale
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Rendevous (Willow)
Battle Ground, Washington
     2000 Bay Warmblood Cross Mare $30,000
     Saint of a schoolmistress - get your bronze medal!!
     Horse ID: 1975560 - Added: 22-Jan-2015 01:44:51 PM - Renewed: 20-May-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Hidden agenda
white hall, Maryland
     2006 Bay Thoroughbred Cross Mare $3,800
     Sweet athletic warmblood
     Horse ID: 1973477 - Added: 06-Jan-2015 09:16:04 AM
No Photo
HLF Edgar
Caledonia, New York
     2010 Bay Belgian Gelding $7,500
     2010 Belgian X TB X Cleveland Bay Gelding
     Horse ID: 1973435 - Added: 04-Jan-2015 09:15:18 AM
No Photo
Prince William (Prince)
Salem, Oregon
     2002 Bay Cleveland Bay Gelding $5,000
     Price Reduced! Warmblood Gelding - Dressage, Trails, Jumps!
     Horse ID: 1943121 - Added: 17-Nov-2014 07:00:01 PM
No Photo
Lexington, Virginia
     2008 Bay Cleveland Bay Gelding $20,000
     2008 16.2 Cleveland Bay X TB Gelding $20,000
     Horse ID: 1968337 - Added: 17-Nov-2014 06:58:45 PM - Renewed: 12-Mar-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Rendevous (Willow)
Veneta, Oregon
     2000 Bay Cleveland Bay Mare $30,000
     Perfect AA or YR horse-FEI show experience
     Horse ID: 1967626 - Added: 12-Nov-2014 10:53:39 AM - Renewed: 12-Mar-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Jill (Jill)
Springfield, Vermont
     2006 Bay Cleveland Bay Mare $8,000
     Rides, drives and proven broodmare
     Horse ID: 1938740 - Added: 02-Oct-2014 12:27:46 AM - Renewed: 27-Nov-2014 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
IdleHour Surprise (Surprise)
Allendale, New Jersey
     1994 Bay Cleveland Bay Mare
     Perfect All- Around Horse for Partial or Free Full Lease
     Horse ID: 1927465 - Added: 21-Aug-2014 01:22:21 PM - Renewed: 27-Dec-2014 12:00:00 AM
For Lease
No Photo
FOS Felicity (Felicity)
Somerset, Pennsylvania
     2006 Bay Cleveland Bay Mare $20,000
     Ammature friendly, Talented, and Gorgeous Dressage Horse
     Horse ID: 1947223 - Added: 20-Jul-2014 12:58:38 AM - Renewed: 17-Nov-2014 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
FrostyOak Midas (Midas)
Nescopeck, Pennsylvania
     2013 Bay Cleveland Bay Filly $2,500
     Stunning Sport Horse Filly
     Horse ID: 1904467 - Added: 15-Oct-2013 10:56:58 AM - Renewed: 30-Mar-2015 07:47:02 AM
For Sale
No Photo
FrostyOak LaKinzi (Kinzi)
Nescopeck, Pennsylvania
     2012 Bay Cleveland Bay Filly $4,500
     Athletic Sport Horse Filly
     Horse ID: 1802826 - Added: 02-Jul-2012 12:23:23 PM - Renewed: 30-Mar-2015 07:47:21 AM
For Sale
No Photo
All Eyez On Me (Aspen)
Millville, Pennsylvania
     1998 Bay Cleveland Bay Stallion
     Cleveland Bay Sport Horse Stallion for Stud
     Horse ID: 1767711 - Added: 13-Feb-2012 03:55:12 PM - Renewed: 30-Mar-2015 07:47:30 AM
At Stud
No Photo


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