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Horses for Sale - Miniature Horses Last 30 Days

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Yogi Bear
Murrieta, California
     2012 Buckskin Miniature Horse Gelding $1,000
     Cutest Mini Gelding!
     Horse ID: 2036529 - Photo Added/Renewed: 27-May-2016 01:11:43 PM
For Sale
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Estacada, Oregon
     2016 Black Miniature Horse Colt $2,250
     Black tobiano + splash white colt - 2 blues AMHR/PtHA
     Horse ID: 2036350 - Photo Added/Renewed: 25-May-2016 04:03:01 PM
For Sale
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Oak Bay Salsas Moonlight Martini (Marti)
Grayland, Washington
     2014 Sorrel Miniature Horse Gelding $1,500
     2014 AMHR AMHA Gelding
     Horse ID: 2036215 - Photo Added/Renewed: 24-May-2016 03:41:42 PM
For Sale
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Willie - King Willie's Egyptian Phyre (Willie)
Linden, California
     2006 Chestnut Miniature Horse Gelding $1,500
     Mini Show Horse
     Horse ID: 2035373 - Photo Added/Renewed: 18-May-2016 12:19:00 PM
For Sale
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Berthoud, Colorado
     2012 Blue Roan Pony Mare $1,000
     Fancy Pony Mare - Blue Roan Grulla - gorgeous, rides, drives
     Horse ID: 2035279 - Photo Added/Renewed: 17-May-2016 11:16:04 PM
For Sale
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Orangevale, California
     1993 Chestnut Miniature Horse Mare $350
     Miniature Horse Mare
     Horse ID: 2035093 - Photo Added/Renewed: 15-May-2016 11:43:15 AM
For Sale
Preview Photo
     2003 Buckskin Miniature Horse Mare $1,000
     Exceptional Smutty Buckskin Mini Mare, AMHA & AMHR
     Horse ID: 2007271 - Photo Added/Renewed: 15-May-2016 01:33:59 AM
For Sale
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HR Sienna (Sienna)
Granite Bay, California
     2003 Chestnut Miniature Horse Mare $1,700
     Registered Pinto Mini
     Horse ID: 2034327 - Photo Added/Renewed: 09-May-2016 10:18:29 PM
For Sale
Preview Photo
Quakertown, Pennsylvania
     2007 Grey Miniature Horse Mare FOR_ADOPTION
     Dapple Grey Mini!
     Horse ID: 2036849 - Added: 29-May-2016 12:40:34 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Ebony N Ivory's Good Time Charlie (Charles)
Howell, Michigan
     2013 Black Miniature Horse Colt $500
     Back/White/Tobiano/ AMHA/AMHR Colt
     Horse ID: 2036663 - Added: 27-May-2016 10:59:15 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Los Arboles Hy Falutin (Lea)
Louisville, Kentucky
     2014 Bay Miniature Horse Filly $500
     Los Arboles Hy Falutin for sale or trade
     Horse ID: 2036651 - Added: 27-May-2016 09:15:32 AM
For Sale
May Trade
No Photo
Stud service (Stud muffin)
Webberville, Michigan
     2003 Sorrel Miniature Horse Stallion
     Stud service
     Horse ID: 2036601 - Added: 26-May-2016 05:55:59 PM
At Stud
May Trade
No Photo
TOR Hawks Foxy Little Lady (Foxy)
lakeport, California
     2015 Bay Miniature Horse Filly $1,500
     A/R Mini Filly * Pictures available*
     Horse ID: 2036345 - Added: 24-May-2016 12:32:09 PM
For Sale
No Photo
TOR Call Me E Motion Surprise (Hope)
lakeport, California
     2015 Black Miniature Horse Filly $2,000
     A/R Mini Filly *Pictures Available*
     Horse ID: 2036344 - Added: 24-May-2016 12:27:50 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Penhook, Virginia
     2012 Blue Roan Miniature Horse Mare $450
     4yr old blue roan mini mare
     Horse ID: 2036175 - Added: 23-May-2016 08:52:10 AM
No Photo
RHMF Royals Black Jade (Jade)
Dallas, Oregon
     2014 Black Miniature Horse Gelding $1,000
     Miniature pinto registered gelding
     Horse ID: 2036125 - Added: 22-May-2016 06:45:40 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Alota Star Dust (Zues)
Yucaipa, California
     2006 Chocolate Miniature Horse Gelding $1,000
     Registered Mini Gelding
     Horse ID: 2036040 - Added: 21-May-2016 09:29:11 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Cherokee Snow Angel (Angel)
Culpeper, Virginia
     2012 Black Miniature Horse Mare $1,650
     Registered Miniature Therapy Horse
     Horse ID: 2035879 - Added: 20-May-2016 08:57:51 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Fortora Farms Brute Firefly (Pony)
Morriston, Florida
     2015 Palomino Shetland Pony Filly $1,200
     Shetland yearling filly with great color
     Horse ID: 2035866 - Added: 20-May-2016 12:24:20 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Fortora Farms In Stride (Strider)
Morriston, Florida
     2015 White Miniature Horse Colt $500
     2015 colt for sale
     Horse ID: 2035865 - Added: 20-May-2016 12:13:46 AM
For Sale
No Photo
SMT Fire in the Sky (Falcon)
Scotts Mills, Oregon
     2013 Chestnut Miniature Horse Gelding $650
     Horse ID: 2035795 - Added: 19-May-2016 01:37:11 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Tortilla (Sassy Pants)
Bothell, Washington
     2005 Palomino Thoroughbred Cross Mare $10,000
     Flashy Palomino Pony
     Horse ID: 2035733 - Added: 18-May-2016 10:03:17 PM
For Sale
May Trade
No Photo
KZTs Magic At The End of the Rainbow (Rainbow)
fultonville, New York
     2010 Other Miniature Horse Mare $1,500
     2010 bay frame tovero pinto mare for sale!
     Horse ID: 2035732 - Added: 18-May-2016 09:20:00 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Unnamed (Little Scooter)
Butler, Pennsylvania
     2016 Black Miniature Horse Colt $900
     Black Overo Medicine Hat Colt
     Horse ID: 2035663 - Added: 18-May-2016 11:00:04 AM
No Photo
Newcastle, California
     2015 Red Roan Miniature Horse Filly $500
     Adorable Miniature Filly
     Horse ID: 2035509 - Added: 17-May-2016 02:18:20 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Mini Appy's Little Dude (Dude)
Ellensburg, Washington
     2006 Red Roan Miniature Horse Gelding $4,000
     Driving Mini w/ Full Set Up
     Horse ID: 2035399 - Added: 16-May-2016 11:31:20 PM
For Sale
For Lease
No Photo
Trooper (Trooper)
Tiller, Oregon
     2010 Cremello Miniature Horse Gelding $2,500
     6 year old Creamelo Miniature Driving Gelding
     Horse ID: 2034816 - Added: 12-May-2016 02:35:45 PM - Renewed: 29-May-2016 06:08:56 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Ice T (Ice)
stockbridge, Michigan
     2012 Black Bay Miniature Horse Stallion $1,500
     Appaloosa stallion with loud spotted color
     Horse ID: 2034770 - Added: 12-May-2016 08:10:35 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Rock a Bye Baby (sissy)
stockbridge, Michigan
     2014 Sorrel Miniature Horse Mare $800
     Incredible pinto show mare
     Horse ID: 2034646 - Added: 11-May-2016 10:50:18 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Raygold Ramaker Legacy of Dant (Dante)
Iowa City, Iowa
     2008 Grey Miniature Horse Gelding $2,500
     AMHA and AMHR driving Mini. Cart, pony, harness
     Horse ID: 2034363 - Added: 09-May-2016 10:41:34 AM
For Sale
No Photo


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