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Horses for Sale - Red Chocolate Horses

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Dolly's Mountain Jubilee (Jubilee)
Stanhope, New Jersey
     2000 Red Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse Gelding $3,500
     Beautiful Rocky Mountain Gelding
     Horse ID: 2023279 - Photo Added/Renewed: 05-Feb-2016 01:41:57 PM
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Brooklyn, Wisconsin
     2013 Red Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse Mare $2,500
     Horse ID: 2030057 - Added: 07-Apr-2016 03:19:24 PM
For Sale
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Sizzling Sedona (Sedona)
Canyon Lake, California
     2008 Red Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse Mare $5,000
     Rocky Mountain Mare
     Horse ID: 2023935 - Added: 10-Feb-2016 07:21:18 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Riversong (River)
Winlock, Washington
     2012 Red Chocolate Pinto Mare
     Beautiful Pinto Paint 3 year old for sale
     Horse ID: 2019568 - Added: 29-Dec-2015 02:15:03 PM
No Photo
Bad to the bones (bones)
Atkinson, Georgia
     1995 Red Chocolate AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $1,000
     trail horse
     Horse ID: 2016993 - Added: 29-Nov-2015 08:03:30 PM
For Sale
May Trade
No Photo
Contessa OOS (tess)
redding, California
     2003 Red Chocolate Haflinger Mare $4,500
     DARK RED, big riding mare. LONG comfortable trot
     Horse ID: 2016305 - Added: 23-Nov-2015 11:59:15 AM - Renewed: 19-Mar-2016 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Hammond, Wisconsin
     2006 Red Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse Mare $3,000
     A HONEY OF A TRAIL PARTNER - Price just reduced!
     Horse ID: 2000164 - Added: 16-Nov-2015 12:00:50 AM - Renewed: 20-Jan-2016 12:00:00 AM
No Photo
HTR Lucy's Polar Iced Capp (Charlie)
Dugald, Manitoba
     2014 Red Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse Gelding $2,500
     Feb 2014 Red Chocolate RMHA/KMSHA Gelding
     Horse ID: 2013630 - Added: 31-Oct-2015 08:57:46 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Waitsburg, Washington
     1996 Red Chocolate Appaloosa Mare $1,500
     Amazing All Around Babysitter Hor
     Horse ID: 2013143 - Added: 26-Oct-2015 11:24:14 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Peg's Penny (Pen Pen)
Princeton, Minnesota
     2004 Red Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse Mare $5,500
     Beautiful Rocky Mountain Mare
     Horse ID: 2012416 - Added: 21-Oct-2015 08:25:24 PM
For Sale
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