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Horses for Sale - Silver Dapple Horses

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MNM Silver Surfer (Sam)
Jerome, Michigan
     2012 Silver Dapple Gypsy Horse Colt $9,000
     Silver Dapple 3yo Colt $9000 Son of CC Sir Keith
     Horse ID: 1993049 - Photo Added/Renewed: 03-Aug-2015 10:19:32 PM
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Rex Argentum (Silver king in Latin) (Rex)
Fallbrook, California
     2015 Silver Dapple Gypsy Horse Colt $13,000
     Stunning Black silver dapple colt
     Horse ID: 2003693 - Photo Added/Renewed: 22-Aug-2015 12:32:34 PM
For Sale
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PF Too Good To Be True (Louie)
Salem, Oregon
     2010 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Gelding $2,500
     FOR SALE: Your next show horse
     Horse ID: 2003241 - Photo Added/Renewed: 19-Aug-2015 01:10:06 PM
For Sale
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Polished Sterling Silver (Polly)
Galahad, Alberta
     2009 Silver Dapple Morgan Horse Mare In Foal $5,000
     Black Silver dapple mare in foal to Perlino for 2016 foal
     Horse ID: 2001858 - Photo Added/Renewed: 14-Aug-2015 11:11:58 PM
For Sale
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Chewbacca (Chewy)
Sultan, Washington
     2012 Silver Dapple Gypsy Horse Stallion $35,000
     Stallion...Rare color of Silver Bay..
     Horse ID: 2000039 - Photo Added/Renewed: 11-Aug-2015 06:38:16 PM
For Sale
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Gullin Vindur fra Silver Sage (Vinny)
Fort Jones, California
     2001 Silver Dapple Icelandic Gelding $5,600
     Exotic Colored Icelandic Trail Horse
     Horse ID: 2000544 - Photo Added/Renewed: 01-Aug-2015 12:48:50 PM
For Sale
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Clifford (Ace)
Blue Ridge, Georgia
     2007 Silver Dapple Rocky Mountain Horse Gelding $4,500
     Chocolate Rocky Mountain Gelding
     Horse ID: 1999887 - Photo Added/Renewed: 30-Jul-2015 02:28:16 AM
For Sale
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Tumwater, Washington
     2015 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Colt $1,200
     Silver Dapple Colt
     Horse ID: 1999754 - Photo Added/Renewed: 27-Jul-2015 10:42:16 PM
For Sale
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Orion Silver Supreme (Silver)
lapeer, Michigan
     2001 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Stallion $650
     Gorgeous class A Silver Mini
     Horse ID: 1998485 - Photo Added/Renewed: 21-Jul-2015 12:20:46 AM
For Sale
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Wilsons Smokin Biscuit (Smokey)
Newburg, Missouri
     2014 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Stallion $500
     Silver Dapple Appaloosa With An Awesome Personality
     Horse ID: 1956306 - Photo Added/Renewed: 13-Jul-2015 10:41:07 AM
For Sale
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Fairwinds Sable Flirt (Flirt)
Eckert, Colorado
     2013 Silver Dapple Rocky Mountain Horse Filly $2,500
     Chocolate Rocky Mountain Filly for sale in CO
     Horse ID: 1991238 - Photo Added/Renewed: 21-Jun-2015 12:12:11 AM
For Sale
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Take Ya Final Luke (Luciano)
Denver, Colorado
     2008 Silver Dapple AQHA Quarter Horse Appendix Gelding $15,000
     8 year old 16.2h appendix gelding
     Horse ID: 1993415 - Photo Added/Renewed: 14-Jun-2015 11:53:38 PM
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LMSterling Shining Knight
Elk, Washington
     2010 Silver Dapple Morgan Horse Stallion
     Fabulous Homozygous Black Silver Dapple Morgan Stallion-Rare
     Horse ID: 1978464 - Photo Added/Renewed: 25-May-2015 07:09:49 PM
At Stud
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Eclipse (Eclipse)
Belleview, Florida
     2012 Silver Dapple Welsh Pony Gelding $9,500
     Super Fancy Medium WB Cross Pony Gelding
     Horse ID: 1989254 - Photo Added/Renewed: 14-May-2015 12:42:25 PM - Renewed: 29-Jul-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
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Beaunifide Princess (Bonnie)
Scottsdale, Arizona
     2007 Silver Dapple Arabian Mare $5,000
     Beautiful Champion in Dressage and Show Hack
     Horse ID: 1988507 - Photo Added/Renewed: 10-May-2015 04:36:50 AM - Renewed: 25-Jul-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
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Photo is Expiring
Ocala, Florida
     2011 Silver Dapple Andalusian Mare $18,000
     4 year old mare, double registered, excellent prospect
     Horse ID: 1988239 - Photo Added/Renewed: 06-May-2015 07:28:02 PM
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Houdini (Houdini)
Florence, Texas
     2009 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Stallion $650
     Gorgeous 35 Pinto Miniature Stallion
     Horse ID: 2004501 - Added: 25-Aug-2015 10:19:33 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Eastman, Wisconsin
     2013 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Mare $225
     3 Year Old Silver Dapple Mini Mare
     Horse ID: 2001783 - Added: 08-Aug-2015 04:45:35 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Mama (Mama)
Plainwell, Michigan
     1990 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Mare $75
     Silver Dapple Mini mare
     Horse ID: 2000694 - Added: 01-Aug-2015 06:24:36 PM
For Sale
No Photo
So Lil Cudnt Spotter (Roe)
Creal Springs, Illinois
     2012 Silver Dapple AQHA Quarter Horse Filly $2,000
     AQHA steele / dapple grey - cow / barrel prospect
     Horse ID: 2000270 - Added: 29-Jul-2015 07:47:08 PM
For Sale
May Trade
No Photo
Bo (bo)
petrolia, Pennsylvania
     1996 Silver Dapple AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $9,500
     I had this horse for 2 years brought home 6 checks
     Horse ID: 1999006 - Added: 22-Jul-2015 11:36:32 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Fallon, Nevada
     2008 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Mare $6,500
     Horse ID: 1998897 - Added: 21-Jul-2015 04:47:33 PM
For Sale
No Photo
McArthur, California
     2015 Silver Dapple Friesian Cross Filly $3,000
     Half Friesian Half Rocky Mountain... Silver Dapple Filly
     Horse ID: 1996816 - Added: 07-Jul-2015 08:37:01 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Abrias Signature Approval (Oppie)
Ramona, California
     2010 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Gelding $3,500
     Great Gelding.
     Horse ID: 1994633 - Added: 22-Jun-2015 03:43:25 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Nike's Victory (Nike)
Sanford, Maine
     2006 Silver Dapple Rocky Mountain Horse Mare $4,000
     Rocky Mountain / Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse For Sale
     Horse ID: 1994500 - Added: 21-Jun-2015 04:20:30 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Diamond Lena Joe (Diamond)
Magnolia, Texas
     2007 Silver Dapple AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $4,500
     Very Well Broke Reg. Dapple Gray Gelding
     Horse ID: 1992195 - Added: 04-Jun-2015 12:01:02 PM
For Sale
No Photo
The Dutch (Duchess)
Dryden, Michigan
     2009 Silver Dapple Fell Pony Mare $7,500
     Dapple Grey Beauty
     Horse ID: 1992068 - Added: 03-Jun-2015 01:55:44 PM
For Sale
For Lease
No Photo
Prince (Prince)
Huntsville, Utah
     2000 Silver Dapple Miniature Horse Gelding $300
     Miniature Gelding - HOME FOUND (no longer available)
     Horse ID: 1989512 - Added: 15-May-2015 11:57:16 AM
For Sale
No Photo
McCall's Uptown Girl (Uppity)
Lincoln, Rhode Island
     2011 Silver Dapple Shetland Pony Mare In Foal $1,200
     Silver Dapple Pinto Shetland Pony
     Horse ID: 1989020 - Added: 11-May-2015 07:56:01 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Silvercougarand (Ranger)
Faxon, Oklahoma
     2012 Silver Dapple AQHA Quarter Horse Stallion $6,000
     Rare colored QH colt for sale
     Horse ID: 1988625 - Added: 08-May-2015 11:47:55 AM
For Sale
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