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Lucee (Lucee)
Waterford, Pennsylvania
     2006 Chestnut Friesian Cross Mare $25,000
     Exceptionally Talented Friesian x Morgan Mare 8 year old
     Horse ID: 1968700 - Photo Added/Renewed: 20-Nov-2014 01:05:49 PM
For Sale
Preview Photo
Middleboro, Massachusetts
     2007 Bay Drum Horse Gelding $15,000
     Drum Horse for Sale
     Horse ID: 1954792 - Photo Added/Renewed: 25-Aug-2014 11:09:12 AM - Renewed: 09-Nov-2014 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
Preview Photo
Photo is Expiring
Milady of Royal Oaks (Violet)
Newton, New Jersey
     2004 Black Friesian Mare $20,000
     Ready to show? Follow your dream...
     Horse ID: 1972069 - Added: 19-Dec-2014 05:11:48 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Princess Noble (Agera)
San Diego, California
     2010 Chestnut Haflinger Mare $15,000
     Registered Haflinger Mare FLASHY FLASHY FLASHY
     Horse ID: 1971969 - Added: 18-Dec-2014 02:05:57 PM
For Sale
May Trade
Temporary Preview Photo
The Drummer Boy (Diesel)
middleboro, Massachusetts
     2008 Bay Drum Horse Gelding $15,000
     Big Beautiful Drum Horse Gelding
     Horse ID: 1957091 - Added: 04-Sep-2014 07:36:51 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Ace of Hearts (AceA)
boardman, Ohio
     2007 Bay Friesian Cross Mare
     Blood bay Frisian/Morgan SAFE 15.2
     Horse ID: 1949970 - Added: 02-Aug-2014 03:13:39 AM
No Photo
Bleu Skye (Skye)
Sherwood, Oregon
     2005 Buckskin Welsh Pony Mare $3,700
     Cute and Talented Jumper
     Horse ID: 1936034 - Added: 01-Aug-2014 01:19:46 PM - Renewed: 27-Nov-2014 12:00:00 AM
Sale Pending
No Photo
Apex of Genesis (Cider)
redding, California
     2006 Chestnut Haflinger Gelding $4,900
     Big well trained gelding, drives and rides
     Horse ID: 1946661 - Added: 15-Jul-2014 05:27:20 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Apple Lurray (Apple)
redding, California
     2006 Chestnut Haflinger Gelding $5,500
     BIG**** gelding, very stunning
     Horse ID: 1946659 - Added: 15-Jul-2014 05:21:56 PM
For Sale
No Photo
For My Man (Foreman)
Plainwell, Michigan
     2009 Black Spotted Draft Gelding $5,000
     Quiet, reliable smooth ride for adultsTobiano Eng or Western
     Horse ID: 1946189 - Added: 14-Jul-2014 02:12:54 PM - Renewed: 17-Nov-2014 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Little Joe (Joe)
Kremmling, Colorado
     2001 Black Percheron Gelding $1,200
     Percheron Cross Gelding
     Horse ID: 1944195 - Added: 02-Jul-2014 04:53:18 PM
For Sale
No Photo
DayZ May (DayZ)
Colville, Washington
     2005 Buckskin Friesian Cross Mare $5,000
     Big Beautiful Reg. Friesian Sporthorse Buckskin
     Horse ID: 1943261 - Added: 27-Jun-2014 11:08:59 AM
For Sale
May Trade
No Photo
Minette (Minnie)
Tehachapi, California
     2001 Palomino Belgian Mare $5,000
     Belgian Mare
     Horse ID: 1941313 - Added: 21-Jun-2014 08:16:26 PM - Renewed: 20-Oct-2014 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Angelica Sozo (Jelly)
tumwater, Washington
     2005 Bay American Warmblood Society Mare $3,000
     Registered American Warm Blood Mare
     Horse ID: 1939308 - Added: 05-Jun-2014 01:22:57 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Santa Rosa, California
     1998 Blue Roan Draft Horse Cross Gelding $4,000
     Best Draft Partner
     Horse ID: 1841911 - Added: 27-Apr-2014 04:33:05 PM - Renewed: 12-Jul-2014 12:00:00 AM
No Photo


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