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Go Skip Salty (Skip)
Princeville, Illinois
     2010 Bay Pony of Americas Gelding $8,500
     Western Pleasure Deluxe!
     Horse ID: 2012636 - Photo Added/Renewed: 25-Oct-2015 03:34:24 AM
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Ms Almighty (Uno)
Mound City, Kansas
     2008 Chestnut AQHA Quarter Horse Mare $3,500
     2008 AQHA/APHA mare
     Horse ID: 2015208 - Photo Added/Renewed: 14-Nov-2015 01:26:15 PM
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Gimme Another (Jordan)
Cave Creek, Arizona
     2011 Chestnut Appaloosa Mare $7,000
     4yo ApHC Halter Mare
     Horse ID: 2014297 - Photo Added/Renewed: 07-Nov-2015 12:06:38 AM
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The Kids Story (Samson)
Newburgh, Indiana
     2009 Bay AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $35,000
     2015 AQHA Youth World Champion
     Horse ID: 2013204 - Photo Added/Renewed: 28-Oct-2015 05:07:10 AM
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PRICE REDUCED AQHA/APHA red dun halter prospect (Austin)
Gardners, Pennsylvania
     2015 Red Dun AQHA Quarter Horse Colt $2,500
     AQHA/APHA halter colt
     Horse ID: 2012789 - Photo Added/Renewed: 25-Oct-2015 10:51:34 AM
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May Trade
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Malibu Masterpiece (Ace)
Morris, Minnesota
     2015 Buckskin AQHA Quarter Horse Filly $3,500
     buckskin filly out of 3X world champion producer
     Horse ID: 2012523 - Photo Added/Renewed: 23-Oct-2015 11:38:20 PM
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No More Secrets (Mimsi)
Myakka city, Florida
     2014 Bay Appaloosa Filly $3,500
     Award winning Appaloosa
     Horse ID: 2011157 - Photo Added/Renewed: 22-Oct-2015 05:34:10 AM
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Cool Tarde Kid (Josie)
Lismore, Minnesota
     2014 Chestnut AQHA Quarter Horse Mare PRIVATE_TREATY
     Pretty 2014 AQHA Filly
     Horse ID: 1975733 - Photo Added/Renewed: 14-Oct-2015 12:35:52 AM
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PLP Whisper Out Loud (Whisper)
Eagle, Idaho
     2014 Sorrel APHA Paint Filly $4,500
     Beautiful and talented APHA mare
     Horse ID: 2011055 - Photo Added/Renewed: 12-Oct-2015 12:12:40 PM
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Page Outa Paradise (Buster)
Enterprise, Oregon
     2015 Grey AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $5,000
     World Class Halter and Show Gelding
     Horse ID: 2010994 - Photo Added/Renewed: 12-Oct-2015 01:01:33 AM
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perris, California
     2014 Black AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $3,500
     Great show prospect
     Horse ID: 2009600 - Photo Added/Renewed: 30-Sep-2015 03:11:41 PM
For Sale
May Trade
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Heza Wicked Chip
Skandia, Michigan
     2009 Red Dun APHA Paint Gelding $7,000
     great beginners show horse or trail horse
     Horse ID: 2001786 - Photo Added/Renewed: 26-Sep-2015 05:38:38 PM
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Reflection Of Royalt -SOLD (Winston)
Meridian, Idaho
     2015 Sorrel AQHA Quarter Horse Colt
     2015 colt by World Champion Reflections Kid (REDUCED PRICE)
     Horse ID: 2007909 - Photo Added/Renewed: 17-Sep-2015 11:49:05 PM
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Hughey (Huey)
Norfork, Arkansas
     2009 Sorrel AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $6,500
     Champion Halter gelding
     Horse ID: 2004094 - Photo Added/Renewed: 24-Aug-2015 12:57:11 PM - Renewed: 08-Nov-2015 12:00:00 AM
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Photo is Expiring
MAID COOL - price reduced!! (Merlot)
Rochester, Washington
     2006 Bay AQHA Quarter Horse Mare $3,000
     Awesome dtr of Sir Cool Skip- Broodmare- Sound - SWEET
     Horse ID: 2000108 - Photo Added/Renewed: 29-Jul-2015 12:31:10 PM - Renewed: 21-Oct-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
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Photo is Expiring
Pure Security
     2004 Bay Appaloosa Mare $6,500
     Horse ID: 938561 - Photo Added/Renewed: 29-Dec-2006 11:30:07 PM
For Sale
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Kid Surreal (Kid)
Owosso, Michigan
     2011 Sorrel AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $10,000
     High level western pleasure/all around 4yo AQHA Gelding
     Horse ID: 2016122 - Added: 20-Nov-2015 12:40:48 PM
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No Photo
Ameritrade (Ameritrade)
Homer, Georgia
     2006 Sorrel APHA Paint Gelding $3,500
     Youth Halter gelding
     Horse ID: 2014058 - Added: 03-Nov-2015 08:13:28 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Shez Everything Cool
Charlotte, Michigan
     2004 Sorrel AQHA Quarter Horse Mare $2,500
     2004 AQHA mare by World Champion
     Horse ID: 2013210 - Added: 27-Oct-2015 01:01:15 PM
For Sale
No Photo
Williams, Oregon
     2013 Bay Pony of Americas Filly $500
     Nice filly
     Horse ID: 2010033 - Added: 03-Oct-2015 01:32:32 AM
For Sale
No Photo
JPR Ima Fine Kids Dream (Jasper)
Caldwell, Idaho
     2010 Blue Roan Pony of Americas Gelding $3,500
     Gorgeous Blue Roan Reg. POA Gelding
     Horse ID: 2009606 - Added: 29-Sep-2015 06:24:19 PM
For Sale
No Photo
The Catacool Kid (Catacool)
Hillsborough, North Carolina
     2004 Palomino AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $3,750
     Palomino QH Gelding. Perfect trail horse/show prospect
     Horse ID: 1999041 - Added: 22-Jul-2015 02:19:24 PM
For Sale
No Photo
DFW, Texas
     2011 Palomino AQHA Quarter Horse Stallion PRIVATE_TREATY
     Western Gunslinger Palomino Stallion
     Horse ID: 1998599 - Added: 20-Jul-2015 10:37:20 AM
No Photo
St-Luc de Bellechasse, Quebec
     2015 Chestnut APHA Paint Filly $6,500
     APHA filly really good halter prospect
     Horse ID: 1993919 - Added: 18-Jun-2015 11:04:27 AM - Renewed: 11-Oct-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
St-Luc de Bellechasse, Quebec
     2015 Bay APHA Paint Filly $8,500
     APHA World class filly for sale
     Horse ID: 1993921 - Added: 18-Jun-2015 11:04:27 AM - Renewed: 11-Oct-2015 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Lemon Drop Diva (Divy)
Stanwood, Washington
     2009 Palomino AQHA Quarter Horse Mare $4,995
     Gorgeous AQHA Palomino mare for sale
     Horse ID: 1974304 - Added: 17-Jun-2015 12:40:40 PM - Renewed: 01-Sep-2015 12:00:00 AM
No Photo
Mr Grand Rockies (Rock)
vineland, New Jersey
     1994 Bay AQHA Quarter Horse Stallion $12,000
     Superior halter stallion by Mr Conclusion
     Horse ID: 1992596 - Added: 07-Jun-2015 04:01:56 PM
For Sale
At Stud
No Photo
Imperial Smarty Pants (Dug)
Madera, California
     2014 Palomino APHA Paint Colt $2,250
     Yearling APHA palomino overo colt
     Horse ID: 1992511 - Added: 07-Jun-2015 01:32:36 PM - Renewed: 22-Aug-2015 12:00:00 AM
No Photo
Blanket, Texas
     2012 Sorrel AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $650
     Horse ID: 1991374 - Added: 29-May-2015 05:21:55 PM
No Photo
Sweet Talker (Gift)
blythewood, South Carolina
     2002 Grey Thoroughbred Mare $6,000
     Very safe, quiet , fancy, lovely hunter show horse
     Horse ID: 1990426 - Added: 22-May-2015 09:04:30 AM
No Photo


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