Hector (Han Solo)
Grey Andalusian Gelding
Horse ID: 2143928
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Beautiful Andalusian Gelding, Does everything, perfect horse
Date Foaled
16.1 hh
1,100 pounds
Other Color or Markings
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
May Trade
Reg. Assn
Reg. Number
15162 (S)
For Lease
For Sale
Asking Price
$60,000 (US) FIRM
Horse Skills, Disciplines, Attributes
Han Solo really is the perfect horse. This ad is very hard to write, as I DO NOT want to sell him. I bought him at 6 months old, and have carefully conditioned and trained him to be my everything horse, which he is. He just turned 7 in May. He has no bad habits. No issues. Sound. Healthy. Well behaved. His shoer loves him. He was my jogging partner when he was a baby. He grew up hanging out at shows. He goes everywhere. He has special talent for dressage, he is a total gentleman at the little hunter jumper shows we go to. (he is the horse I use to babysit my students at shows) He travels exceptionally well. Last summer we took him to Montana and rode in the mountains for 3 weeks camping along the way. He's camped at Point Reyes and packed our tents and luggage in and played in the waves at the beach. He knows how to hobble. He ties for hours patiently. He has been on a cattle drive and loved it. I've roped off of him, and took a couple cutting lessons. He swims across rivers, and has been used in a military reenactment. Hes is used to gunfire and drones. He has been carefully conditioned with excellent supplements to have strong legs, feet, hooves, tendons, and bones. He has done one LD endurance race (not his favorite, but he still put heart into it and finished mid-pack) He has been doing a church girls camp riding program each summer for several years and is a favorite among the girls. Everyone stops and watches him go by, he is just lovely inside and out. He is raised and trained with natural horsemanship and excels at liberty and ground work. So many hours and so much love and training have gone into this horse. He is the genuine article. Having said all this, hes very broke, but has a lot of athleticism. He's no slouch and he wants to go out and do fun things. He is sensitive and soft to ride. He goes in a bridle, or just a halter and has 3 very comfy and forward gaits. He knows his yields, shoulder and haunches in (in hand and under saddle), working on half pass, passage is beginning to form, pirouette work is right where it should be at his age, flying changes are getting reliable, and his walk to canter makes me smile every time. He can certainly handle an AA rider, but one that really wants to do fun things and have adventures. We have trained with David Lichman, Felicia Finkelstein, Rachel and Don Jessop and others. Solo is as trustworthy and mentally stable as they come. Solid gold in my book. My heart is broken. I'll never have another horse like Solo.
Call for references so you can know I'm not exaggerating his quality.
I'm patiently looking for the perfect home for my perfect horse.

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Bendito IR
Isabella DS

Ad Created: Jun 06, 2019 • Text Renewed: Dec 29, 2019

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