Willing Strider (Jake)
Palomino AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding
Horse ID: 2145169


Horse ID: 2145169 Willing Strider

HorseID: 2145169 Willing Strider - PhotoID: 899478

HorseID: 2145169 Willing Strider - PhotoID: 899479

HorseID: 2145169 Willing Strider - PhotoID: 899480

HorseID: 2145169 Willing Strider - PhotoID: 899481

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3/4 AQHA-Quarab Blonde Boy About Town
Date Foaled
15.1 hh
1,100 pounds
Other Color or Markings
white star, white mane and tail, and back white stockings 
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
May Trade
Reg. Assn
Reg. Number
not retrievable
For Lease
For Sale
Asking Price
$4,500 (US)
Horse Skills, Disciplines, Attributes
There are two videos of him, only one can load here one direction. The other video is on youtube as well under Willing Strider.\

Jakey Jett is awesome. His age means nothing. He got to run around on pasture with his lady for over four years doing nothing but being an outrageous beauty with his lady.

His people had life changing surgeries and could no longer ride when I got him and his lady palomino. She already got a great home and now it is his turn.

He was registered and very well bred on purpose, too long ago and no one cared to keep them up, no worries just ride him and you will know you have someone of quality.

Very trained broke horse. Works well off seat and leg. Smooth movement and transitions. Was first on English and has wonderful floaty movement very very scopey and great extension in case you decide to do dressage he would be a wonderful candidate.

He has been a performance horse winning buckles for barrels, won endurance races, kids rodeo as well. He is sound as a top and the energizer bunny for sure. Gorgeous color that goes from cream in the winter to amber gold in the summer. I have pictures of both here for you to see.

Extremely intelligent and likes to learn new things and does so very quickly. Always sound without shoes, but he has had them in his earlier career.

Easy keeper and loves to walk the ranch with you to check the fence lines etc. Hr rides alone great and wants to be in front when on trail with others.

The time off in pasture actually was excellent for his overall well being and was never overused.

I bought him last August. In October, I had a ranch accident with a Barbados ram and broke my left hip and now have pins there. Riding is over for me and I am so sad. He needs a job and not just wasted here for me to see. Cried watching others ride my two beauties.

Personality plus, pastures all day when not with the trainer, sleeps in a large shelter and 50x100 pen. Your trust with him is all it takes to take him anywhere. Good straight legs. great feet, no injuries or health issues, that 1/4 arab made all the difference

Want a good home for him with a job, someone that is his, a nice pen at night, blanket when it is cold and hopefully pasture during the day with other horses is my desire for him. He does not require spurs. He rides now in a snaffle, but has worked in large shank and tie downs in the past.

I do have some video clips, nothing fancy and loads of incredible pics of his movement. Jake is not dancey or jiggy. He is quiet once under saddle unless you ask for power and then he will give that to you too, but it is controlled power. He loves to ride the river bed, road, pastures, trail, etc.

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DreamHorse ID: 2145169 - Willing Strider

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