Cervantes (JB)
Black Bay Andalusian Gelding
Horse ID: 2148728

HorseID: 2148728 Cervantes - PhotoID: 902642

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Great Jumper and Eventer that knows his job very well
Date Foaled
16.3 hh
1,450 pounds
Black Bay
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star and stockings 
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Cervantes "JB" is a fantastic warmblood. Except for breaking him, I have done all the training. A woman that had been riding for 6 months, bought JB, as a 2 year old. He broke her finger and she threw him in a field. I got him about 3 years later. I have had him 9 years this past march and she had him for about 4/5 making him 13/14. JB has been trained to be a jumper as that is my main discipline. I have taken him up to the 3'9' jumpers competitively. He has also competed in a three phase and did fantastic but I messed up the dressage score with my talking. He has schooled many times for cross county fences. I got him in originally in VA where I was going to college and then brought him down here where I found a job. I had an auto accident in March so he is out of shape at the moment. I am not going to lie to you. Once you put the time in to get him into shape he is the horse of your dreams. He bends, stretches, and is great on the lunge line. He still does have trouble with his flying changes which can easily be refreshed. I have also taking him swimming in ponds and the ocean in Tampa. I can be at a show and do a 3'9' class and then he can turn around and do a class with my 5 year old niece. He does not have one mean bone in his body. He ties, clips, loads, does everything you need him to do. He can be stalled for periods of times but does enjoy his turn out. He has so much potential. The nice things is that JB has not been worked into the ground. He has had time off over the years due to many reasons such as injuries to myself. This has given him some good rest time. He has episodes of COPD that flare up occasionally. Right now he is in four aluminum shoes and he does need to stay in them. He does not have up to date X rays as he has never given me a reason to take them. I think he could be a good equation horse. I just do not enjoy that so I have never done it. I have tons of videos and pictures, all you have to do is ask. He would be a great horse to bring a lot of confidence to a young kid so wanted to start the jumpers. He would also be a great school horse for a program that needs a horse that knows what he is doing. he can go into the dressage discipline or eventing. He has so many options. I can count on one hand the amount of times he has refused any type of jump. In eventing he does tend to not like ditches. He does have a roached back but it has no effect on his performance in the least. He has even down a western show for charity. I cant say enough good things about him and if it was not for the car accident this probably would not be happening.

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