Little Man (LM)
Bay Spanish Mustang Gelding
Horse ID: 2150276
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FEB 2000 (20)
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10=Very Spirited
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$2,500 (US)
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A Not-So-Brief History of LM:
LM is a North American Colonial Spanish Horse (Spanish Mustang) gelding with no feral background. He stands 15.1 hh on a good day, and has the biggest personality of any horse you will ever meet. He was raised by the Amish community in rural Tennessee as a cart horse, until I adopted him at the age of 9. He has taught both English and Western beginning riding lessons (however he does not neck rein), has experience at rodeos (though he never competed) and has endured extensive trail rides with a large group of horses. He is also great ride bareback. He has participated in a horse summer camp for 3 consecutive years. He enjoys trail riding far above everything else, and will gladly go all day. A few activities we have done include: riding 8 miles to town to get cinnamon rolls (please inquire further for a full list of his favorite treats), trailering out for a mountain ride, swimming in the creek, and riding practically every square inch of Kiowa, Colorado.

LM’s Resume: LM is up to date with all shots, and has just had his feet trimmed. He does not need to be shod. He stands, ties, and loads well. He is good for the farrier and the vet. He does not buck, bite, or rear. He does hate both alpacas and baths, so please plan according.
Because of his background, I am very adamant than he goes to a family. He is great with children, but listens the best to older children because of his strength. He is also incredibly smart, which can make him tricky to ride for some learners. Riding LM for the first few times takes a fair bit of strategy, and a lot of patience. In this regard, he is one of the best teachers I know. He teaches riders how to come up with several different solutions for a problem, develop patience when learning something new, and become both a confident and experienced rider.
LM is extremely healthy for being 19. He has never colicked, does not have any signs of arthritis, and eats only crimped oats and grass hay, with no supplements. He has never been to the vet except for routine shots and coggins testing. He is an easy keeper, and can still enjoy a long ride, and moves through all gaits with ease.

Toys and Trinkets: With this fabulous steed, come also a winter blanket and a fly sheet of his size, full grooming box, 2 ivermectin pastes, and a new leather halter and lead. Western saddle, Western halter bridle, and English bridle are available for additional purchase.

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