Dare Tutto (Dare)
Chestnut Warmbloods of Color Gelding
Horse ID: 2153599
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Advanced eventing , sensitive, brilliant, insane talent.
Date Foaled
MAR 2010 (10)
16.0 hh
1,150 pounds
Other Color or Markings
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
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Lunging jump photo is of him jumping at an angle to avoid photographer, coming back after lay off, and warming up still.

Jump standards are 4' tall.

Under saddle jump is 1 m x 1 m
This brilliant horse needs just the right rider and for that, I am willing to SERIOUSLY come down off of an estimated value in five figures to mid to high 4 figures. I do not have a set price, I will work with the budget of the right rider who he loves and loves him. This is a opportunity to get a really good horse underpriced. Horses like this make trainers look really good.
He’s a goofy little brother in the pasture. Plays so hard with other geldings I have stopped keeping him in with them. Lip games. Stand on your hind legs and see who is tallest games. Kissy-face and run off games. Ties, loads, hauls, rides bareback an in halter alongside road. Funny, compatative to lead, goofball, cute.
And then there’s training time. He’s driven to please, hates leg (we’re getting there! He’s ridden sometimes just a walk lesson working on leg contact! But he’s always going to have a sensitive streak.) and sometimes lacks confidence in his rider and starts to anticipate. His tail is his barometer in how he’s feeling and he tends to worry about new riders. Like you walk into the arena, he’s got his eye on you. Are you friendly? Packing treats? Going to get on and yank and pull?
Even full-flight gallop, he has impeccable brakes. Ridden by disabled retired pro. LIstens to what your upper body says, so sit up an he comes right under you.
He knows if you’re enjoying riding him or not. If you’re relaxed and having fun, so is he. If you’re not… Well…. He obeys tiny cues like your breathing and where you turn your head. Seat aids only need to whisper, cannot be too strong or he tightens up. He stretches for the bit correctly at walk/trot both beautifully takes the reins from your hands. Has a lovely, adjustable angle good-rib-stretch shoulder in. Can collect to nearly a standstill, started half steps but he anticipates too much so I won’t do more. Lengthening we’re working on, he tries to hurry. Dressage is not his thing. But, he wants you to warm him up in sitting, not posting trot. He had a gelding scar that pulled his facia train off until therapy and he sometimes worries about his lower back hurting. Problem is resolved and his medical records are open.
What IS his thing? Cross country jumping. From day one, he wanted to pull for training-sized jumps, goes naturally to the base, enthusiastic and obsessed with it once he sees a jump. His only refusals will come if he’s not sure WHICH jump to take. He does like clear direction for which one to take. V shaped jumps side by side worry him, he wants to jump both!
But he’s simply fantastic. Easy power – lunge line jump photos are of his warm-up, not-in-shape-after-layoff and angled jump. Those standards he’s clearing are 4′. He wants to make every ju

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