Pontini (Sen)
Bay Westphalian Gelding
Horse ID: 2174294
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Horse ID: 2174294 Pontini

HorseID: 2174294 Pontini - PhotoID: 926054

HorseID: 2174294 Pontini - PhotoID: 926055

HorseID: 2174294 Pontini - PhotoID: 926056

HorseID: 2174294 Pontini - PhotoID: 926057

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~ SOLD ~

Stunning Imported Warmblood w/ Solid Level 2
Date Foaled
JAN 2009 (11)
16.3 hh
1,300 pounds
Other Color or Markings
White stripe & snip, hind ankle socks 
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
May Trade
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For Lease
For Sale
Asking Price
Horse Skills, Disciplines, Attributes
Stunning German imported Westphalian! Gorgeous gaits with a powerful presence, real head turner for sure!

Pontini is extremely sweet, gentle and patient... Will happily spend all day in the cross ties being brushed, stands for farrier just fine, washes fine, has been group pastured and stalled, just overall a very chill guy... Can go without being ridden for months, but with a quick lunge you can just hop right on and it'll be as if he never stopped being ridden

He has extensive dressage training, is solid at level 2 and was working in level 3-4...
Can do:
Halt/walk to trot/canter
Trot/canter to halt/walk
Walk/trot half pass
Basic/intermediate canter half pass
Basic/intermediate trot/canter extensions
Shoulder in
Basic walk pirouette
Working on flying changes and basic piaffe

He also had training in some western agility type work and some western dressage... He is easily suited to both english and western riding (though isn't completely solid on neck reigning yet)... Does have some jump training in the past but due to his large size, was not well suited, though he could easily jump smaller obstacles for pleasure

I believe he would also make a fantastic trail horse! The few times I have taken him out (with others) he did great and really seemed to enjoy it... Front of the pack and happy to go... His sturdy built and large legs also made it easy to maneuver over larger obstacles making him ideal for any trail type... But he does lack confidence when exposed to new things, having been an arena horse his whole life, if you intend to extend his trail experience, he would require someone who is confident enough to guide him past his worries or at least someone with a trainer who can do so for them... He really does have a lot of potential for trail riding otherwise

We regretfully have to sell him due to financial burden with having multiple horses... I can't give him the opportunities he deserves as I'm focusing more on show jumping and simply just don't have the time or money to further his career...

We are negotiable for the right people... A good home is a top priority for me

NOTE: He is not a novices horse... Though he is very sweet, he is a large boy... Not ideal for the small and frail... Does require someone with at least adequate skill/confidence

EXTRA: He will come with all his 5 blankets for FREE! (and bits if you want)
(We also have a brand new Swedish premium dressage bridle custom fitted to him that you can purchase from us if you'd like)

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