Billy’s Southern Pride L.J. (Billy)
Chestnut Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Gelding
Horse ID: 2184369
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Horse ID: 2184369 Billy’s Southern Pride L.J.

HorseID: 2184369 Billy’s Southern Pride L.J. - PhotoID: 936472

HorseID: 2184369 Billy’s Southern Pride L.J. - PhotoID: 936473

HorseID: 2184369 Billy’s Southern Pride L.J. - PhotoID: 936474

HorseID: 2184369 Billy’s Southern Pride L.J. - PhotoID: 936475

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Registered Missouri Foxtrotter Gaited Trail Gelding
Date Foaled
APR 2014 (6)
15.1 hh
1,100 pounds
Other Color or Markings
Narrow Stripe; Right Front Pastern; Right Front Sock 
1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
May Trade
Reg. Assn
Reg. Number
For Lease
For Sale
Asking Price
Private Treaty
Introducing Billy’s Southern Pride L.J.
Billy is a gorgeous chestnut six-year-old registered Missouri Foxtrotter gaited trail gelding standing at 15.1 1/2 hh.

Billy has been ridden on many trails here in the Ozarks by people of different ages. Billy has a great personality, which is one of the many things everyone loves about him. Whether you are looking for a horse, you can ride bareback or with a saddle, bridled or unbridled, at a smooth walk, trot, or canter, Billy is your guy. He is the horse that will take good care of his rider(s) and will get you safely where you need to go. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to come try him out, please contact me anytime.

Billy has gone through my training program, and here are some things he has learned during his stay with me. Billy has a smooth walk, trot, and canter and stays in a gait until you say otherwise; he willingly side passes up to any object for you to mount and dismount and will stand patiently for you to do so. Billy neck reins like a champ, through obstacles, on and off the trails, and into a spin. He will stand for a Ferrier and will pick up each foot without asking twice. He loves getting bathed and cleaned up and will stand willingly without being tied up. Billy will show off his back up With just a slight pull of the reins, and you can even back him on the ground from his tail. Billy also has no problem stopping on command, say “whoa” or tell him with your body, and he will stop.

Dragging objects is something we do a lot of around here; we have dragged Intertubes and Kayaks down to the river and through the river, tree limbs, trees, tires, and much more. We have ridden Billy across many bridges and overpasses without any issues; he stays calm and collected even alongside traffic. Billy does excellent in town, and during the town parade with all the noises, the crowd, the traffic, and other horses being around, he is very well mannered. Billy loves attention and human contact, most times he would rather hang out with Kay and me than to be with the other horses. Billy looks forward to being saddled and bridled. You can walk out in the middle of the arena with a saddle and bridle in your hands, and he will stand still for you to saddle him and will follow and take the bit willingly. Billy has been on many trail rides in large and small groups; he loves to lead but has no problem giving up his position to follow behind or find a place in the middle. Billy has ridden double many times, and this has never been an issue with Billy; whether it be crossing rivers, going down the trail, or just for a photoshoot with the grandbaby, Billy is very well behaved and patient.

Riding out alone is something Billy and I do just about every day. We go out to check the fences, go up and down roads away from the herd and the barn, sometimes we even load up the trailer and hit the road. Billy loads and unloads quickly and easily. Billy does what you ask of him with no hesita

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Pedigree for Billy’s Southern Pride L.J.

First GenerationSecond GenerationThird GenerationFourth Generation
I'm Billy The Kid
Mo Co Back Street Ludy

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