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LA FARGE, Wisconsin
2013 Brown Spotted Draft Gelding $8,500
4 YO Spotted Draft Kings Final grandson/BC's Royal Amy
Horse ID: 2065899 - Photo Added/Renewed: 18-Mar-2017 02:06:18 PM
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Livingston (Beemer)
Hebron, Nebraska
2013 Chestnut Thoroughbred Cross Gelding $7,500
Nice big TB/Draft cross
Horse ID: 2061984 - Photo Added/Renewed: 09-Mar-2017 02:50:46 PM
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Nick (Nick)
Perkasie, Pennsylvania
2001 Chestnut Belgian Gelding FOR_ADOPTION
Belgain Draft
Horse ID: 2024436 - Photo Added/Renewed: 23-Nov-2016 04:11:39 PM
Text Renewed: 07-Feb-2017 12:00:00 AM
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Bentley (Ben)
Oregon city, Oregon
2008 Palomino AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding $1,500
Handsome belgian quarterhorse cross gelding
Horse ID: 2066481 - Added: 23-Mar-2017 03:53:57 PM
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Misty (Misty)
Southside, Tennessee
2002 Chestnut Belgian Mare $2,500
Belgian mare trailhorse looking for forever/retirement home
Horse ID: 2066112 - Added: 20-Mar-2017 10:42:54 AM
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Wellsburg, West Virginia
2001 Chestnut Belgian Mare FOR_ADOPTION
Belgian/Haflinger Cross Mare
Horse ID: 2065709 - Added: 14-Mar-2017 08:32:50 PM
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Walden, New York
2009 Red Roan Belgian Mare $2,500
Young Red Roan Belgian Draft Mare
Horse ID: 2065405 - Added: 11-Mar-2017 04:12:26 PM
Sale Pending
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Roscoe (Roscoe)
Mendon, Illinois
2008 Chestnut Belgian Gelding $2,000
9 Yr Old Belgian Gelding
Horse ID: 2063063 - Added: 10-Feb-2017 11:38:00 AM
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The Big Lebowski (Samson)
2010 Chestnut Dutch Harness Horse Gelding $4,000
Dutch Harness X Gelding
Horse ID: 2062871 - Added: 07-Feb-2017 07:20:27 PM
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Deacon (Deac)
Litchfield, Ohio
2003 Bay Haflinger Gelding $3,500
Amazing Trail Gelding - MUST SEE
Horse ID: 2062404 - Added: 02-Feb-2017 09:43:23 AM
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Dezzi (Dezzi)
Eland, Wisconsin
2006 Bay Roan Belgian Gelding $2,000
11 Year old Belgium/QH Gelding
Horse ID: 2062298 - Added: 31-Jan-2017 10:07:45 PM
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Doylestown, Pennsylvania
2010 Chestnut Belgian Gelding $2,500
Draft Cross with a Puppy Dog personality
Horse ID: 2062237 - Added: 31-Jan-2017 06:50:34 AM
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TSH Fergalicious (Fergie)
Polkton, North Carolina
2009 Bay Belgian Mare $3,500
7 year old Draft Cross Mare
Horse ID: 2058840 - Added: 13-Dec-2016 04:23:12 PM
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Morton, Washington
2000 Sorrel Belgian Mare $2,000
Belgian Mare for sale
Horse ID: 2057726 - Added: 29-Nov-2016 03:09:24 PM
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Missy (Missy)
Watervliet, Michigan
1990 Chestnut Belgian Mare FOR_ADOPTION
Therapy Belgian looking for retirement home
Horse ID: 2056722 - Added: 17-Nov-2016 07:26:27 PM
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Ichabod the mule (Icky)
Deer park, Washington
2003 Chestnut John Mammoth Mule $1,400
Big sweet mule needs loving home
Horse ID: 2055029 - Added: 31-Oct-2016 07:48:53 PM
For Sale
May Trade
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Baby Huey (Huey)
spring city, Utah
2014 Black Shire Horse Stallion $3,500
Shire / Belgian Draft Horse Stud
Horse ID: 2053059 - Added: 11-Oct-2016 07:58:57 PM
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At Stud
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La Conner, Washington
2001 Chestnut Belgian Gelding $1,500
15 year old Belgian Gelding
Horse ID: 2052000 - Added: 02-Oct-2016 10:01:16 AM
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bella (bella)
oroville, California
2010 Red Dun Grade Horse Mare In Foal $2,000
2-1 package great trail and work mare
Horse ID: 2048390 - Added: 01-Sep-2016 04:48:33 PM
Text Renewed: 15-Oct-2016 12:30:15 AM
Sale Pending
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West Chazy, New York
2014 Chestnut Belgian Colt $1,500
2 year old Belgian colt
Horse ID: 2047550 - Added: 24-Aug-2016 09:49:05 PM
No Photo
Anna Belle (Anna Belle)
Cave Creek, Arizona
2015 Other Draft Horse Cross Filly $2,500
Draft Cross Yearling Filly
Horse ID: 2041870 - Added: 09-Aug-2016 10:39:19 AM
Text Renewed: 02-Dec-2016 12:00:00 AM
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Cottage Grove, Oregon
2001 Sorrel Belgian Gelding $4,000
15yr old Trained Driving Draft
Horse ID: 2043231 - Added: 20-Jul-2016 11:31:10 PM
Text Renewed: 12-Nov-2016 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Ted (Ted)
Conway, South Carolina
2000 Brown Belgian Gelding $2,300
Horse ID: 2040117 - Added: 27-Jun-2016 08:39:07 AM
Text Renewed: 23-Oct-2016 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Silver Lake, Oregon
2003 Bay AQHA Quarter Horse Cross Gelding $7,500
2003 Canadian Belgian/Quarter Gelding
Horse ID: 2033384 - Added: 06-May-2016 11:35:05 AM
Text Renewed: 27-Aug-2016 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Big Daddy
Marriottsville, Maryland
2004 Brown Belgian Gelding $3,500
Big Daddy
Horse ID: 2031112 - Added: 16-Apr-2016 12:56:33 PM
Text Renewed: 21-Aug-2016 12:00:00 AM
For Sale
No Photo
Miss Minnie Mouse (Mouse)
Colville, Washington
2015 Black Belgian Filly $1,150
Beautiful Belgian-Bashkir Curly Cross Yearling Filly
Horse ID: 2007926 - Added: 16-Sep-2015 04:11:51 PM
Text Renewed: 08-Feb-2017 08:00:34 PM
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